Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. why are there snipers in black ops btw? maps are way too small for snipers.
  2. Map size isn't really the issue. It's just maps are way more clustered and there are no big open spaces for them to really get a good vantage point
  3. Goldeneye Wii is pretty good. Looks quite nice for a Wii game and plays like the original. One thing I like Wii games for, is the split screen. Xbox games seem to avoid split screen like its the plague. Its annoying. If I have friends/relatives over I cant play co-op or two player games with them unless they are on LAN or something (unless its certain FPS games). Whatever happened to simple two player controls and shit?
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    yah i guess. i miss maps like hurtgen from cod1.

  5. Because CoD:BO is a kids game, its a fantasy game where you chose superpowers and other crap. Then they just throw in all the ridiculous tacticool crap to impress the older customer. Nothing in the game is remotely realistic enough for it to be referred to as a tactical-FPS.
  6. It's actually the other way around since PC gamers will still pay for good games.

    At some point it seems developers decided it's more important to advertise your game to make it look like an awesome game than to actually produce a great game. I used to buy every PC game I liked and was never really disappointed by any of the games I bought in the past.

    Currently the quality has gotten really terrible for a lot of new games. Console gamers seem to accept this but PC gamers do not.

    Loads of games are unfinished and don't get the fixes they deserve. Add to this that single player games have gotten too short and that an expensive DLC for it comes out 2 days after release.
  7. It's not just a kids game, it's a bunch of garbage.
  8. What I meant is that everybody is on the consoles and I agree with the rest what you said.

    All in all, they're making WAAAAAAAAAY too much money of console games, not of PC games. PC still has some gems like STALKER, Civilization and a few others, but they're getting scarcer by the minute.

    I know for sure that within a few years I won't be buying new games anymore.
  9. the people that hate black ops talk about it more than the people who love it
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    That's the one with the tunnels under and the missile base right?

    I used to wreck people with the Mp-40 in those hallways. I also used to love Carentan too.

    Miss bolt action rifles.
  11. I quite like it, just finished the single player which was great and the multiplayer is the best of all the COD games it seems.
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    my roommate made a baklava and it was #$%#ing awesome.
  13. what do you like about the multi?
    its miles better than the single
    though they both have respawning enemies lmao!
  14. tho i didnt notice repsawning enemies in singleplayer
  15. thats cuz youre DUMB
  16. ok well they respawn in vietnam since theres so many like irl
  17. and when youre escaping the labor camp
    they come one of a time out of a stupid door and charge you

    and the minigun part was gay
    and why does treyarch always put vehicles in its games
    its so poorly done
    ugh hate vehicles in cod
  18. so fomin

    what morons release a game the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING so that no one can go out and buy it because all the stores are closed

    fUckn srs
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    Yaeh I'm tired of these games with all the poodle shooters. Nothing is better than running around with a mauser 98k and a bayonet just owning scrubs.
  20. I don't know what you're talking about, I quick scope all the time in real life...
  21. GT5 is growing on me but heres my problems with it

    - Some standard cars look alright, but most look straight out of GT4
    - AI is terrible
    - Can't upgrade brakes? wtf
    - Most tracks look good, but some tracks like Autumn Ring look straight out of GT4 too
    - Loading times
    - Music is pretty bad (can't think of very many games where I like the music anyways)
    - Some engine notes sound like they have been carried over form older GTs (My first car was a Honda Civic Type R EK or something and it sounds exactly like it did in GT4/GT3/GT2) sounds like shit
    - Premium cars look awesome, but not as good as the 'touched up' screen shots that PD has been releasing
    - Collisions with walls/other cars is lol

    I want to add the lack of customization in there, but that wouldn't be fair since GT hasn't ever been about that. On the other hand though the physics are really great and it makes me want to pick up a wheel (hopefully one that works for GT5 & FM3? any ideas?)

    I've been playing the GT series since 98' and im really disappointed to say that I think FM3 is the better game, GT5 is not what everyone expected to be so PD trolled us all over these last few years.
  22. no that's mp_rocket. good map too.
  23. wtf
  24. no no no, cod 1 has the best multiplayer. actually the best multiplayer fps of all time imo.

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