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Discussion in '2010 Ferrari 458 Italia' started by limegut, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. On my PS3, I was surprised when I saw the Ferrari California (which was shown off a few days earlier on the california site) In an update for Gran Turismo (a driving simulation). It was a good experience to actually see what the car was all about (a car made to cruise around newport beach.

    I was wondering if they would try for it again and release the 458 on Gran Turismo.
  2. yes , i have that game, the Californias acceleration is great because of the 7 speed gearbox
    i wish that they can put the 458 in the next update
  3. I was expecting to get burned about playing a simulation.
  4. may be 458 will include in DLC or update download in PSN
  5. I saw a youtube video about the 458 Italia being on GT5
  6. GT5 best game ever...... Ferrari 458 Italia one of the best Ferraris ever
  7. i hope it is cuz the 458 rules, but it couldnt beat the porsche 917/30
  8. The 458 drives very well on GT5.
  9. The 458 drives very well on GT5.
  10. The 458 drives very well on GT5.

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