Grand National Hot-Rod Ste-Catherine, Qc.

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    The 17-18-19 august 2007

    The Grand National Hot Rod, Muscle Car et Classique de Sainte-Catherine, is first and formost, a vast assembly of automobiles, original and modified.

    Every summer, the island of Récré-O-Parc in Sainte-Catherine, wake to the roaring of Muscle cars and Hot Rods, while the largest gathering of automobiles in Québec takes place, only 20 minutes from downtown Montréal, and attracts over 1500 vehicles in the exposition.

    They are all orignal, restored or modified with love, not forgeting the exotic vehicles and of corse those dedicated to automobile competition.

    The exhibitors come from all regions of Québec, Ontario and even from the United States to exhibit and take place in our famous elegance contest (Show & Shine)

    The exposition all takes place under an immense circus tent, important artistic performances will be presented on friday and saturday nights, the elegance contest winners will be presented on sunday.

    An artistic menu at the heart of an automobile event, quite a Week end.
  2. Richard, gimme a call and I'll go pick you up for this event.
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  4. this confused me. initially I didn't see the Qc in the title and thought that somehow, someone had organized a massive hot rod meet in my town and I had not been notified/noticed.

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