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Discussion in '2000 Opel Speedster' started by S Money, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Nice picture of an Opel Speedster in Grand Theft Auto III.
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    Well it's obviously not a real pic. Cause I know my video games and there was no Opel in GTA (they don't use real car names cause they would have to pay the companies) But it's nice to dream that this car has in the game...
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    Don't get off track. Oh, and yes, they can use the car in GTA III, they just can';t use the name. There is a difference.
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    Yeah I know my games as well and there is no opel speedster OR dodge viper in it, which I noticed of to the right. Especially the SRT/10 considering that came out after GTAIII im not sure if that it is an srt/10 or not though. think so
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    I play gta 3 a lot and i never saw a opel speedster but i think its a edited banshee
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    Turns out yo can mod GTAIII and Vice CIty to change the cars
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    what is this fake shit?
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    theres an opel speedster in need for speed hot pusuit 2
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    Okay listen everyone, you can have "ANY" car you want in Grand Theft Auto III, as long as you have the PC version. Its called skinning. If you are good at graphic designing then you can make any car you want in this game.

    If you dont know how to make skins, just look up and download them online.

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