Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas jacked

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    Less than a week before its release, the wildly anticipated crime game has itself been stolen and republished on the Internet.
    Less than a week after a pirated version of Halo 2 began appearing on the Web, another of the year's most sought after games has been stolen. Ironically, it also happens to be a game titled after a larcenous act itself. That's right. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has become the latest victim of piracy, with illegal copies of the game, its manual, and its cover appearing on various Web sites.
  2. haha... nice
  3. PC playable version??
  4. no...maybe next year now just PS2
  5. everyone is black in it
  6. Piracy is stupid, the more people that pirate, the less money the companies make and eventually they will just pull out of the market or reduce their investments into the games. that means no more good games. People who pirate are Vidiots
  7. i read about it last night

    i really dont care about dling it, since i paid for my copy and im just waiting to pick it up

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