Graphical and mathematical representation of rap

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  2. I thought a good day was breakfast containing no hog.
  3. I ain't a killa but dont push me.
  5. I'm so tempted to buy that shirt.
  6. Ok, there's a graph like 2/3 down that says "you give me your number, I call you up" on the top. I cannot remember what song that is from, but I now must know.
  7. Kelis - Got Your Money
  8. Click the graph and it will take you to a youtube link with the song.
  9. Some of those are quite funny.
  10. the superman one made me lawl realy hard
  11. unfortunately it's probably the only one you actually know anything about.
  12. "miles you could walk in my air force one's"
  14. I had the exact same thought.
  16. My favourites were the It's Tricky one and the "I Wish" By Skeelo one.
  17. Things to #$%# with-Wu Tang clan.
  18. No, ODB mother#$%#er.
  19. Hahah, yeh. Most of the Venn Diagrams were pretty good.
  20. Makes more sense, I just searched for the lyrics in the graph and that's what came up. I was wondering why a woman would be talking about calling up and getting pussy.
  21. #%!@es ain't shit but hoes and tricks.
  22. Here's a graphical representation of rap:

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