Great car, poor engine

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  1. The saleen s7 is a beautiful car and has the performance to match, but the engine is disappointing. It's a dinosaur trapped in a modern world. After all the technological advances we make in automotive propulsion systems and still a crude, large displacement motor with archeaic architecture makes it into supercars. This car could probably pump out better numbers if it had a compact engine with at least 100hp per liter on tap.
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    Nah mate, nah.
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    not really...the secret is to make more horsepower and have a light engine to keep the car pretty light.
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    i agree, somewhat, but im not complainin
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    I really dont care... and I dont think they would release the engine until it was done
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    The problem being that you real need displacement for power otherwise it's empty like turbocharging and engine...the 427 is a piece of hystorythat still kicks more ass then most engines...the only plus to a modern block or more fuel efficiency but inch per inc the 427 can pull as much horsepower as any...
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    maybe they were goin for bigger displacement for more low end torque...ever think of that??
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    Yeah yeah yeah...who wants to see my street?
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    The motor is just fine as is. Makes great power and is reliable right?. as far as i know, this is a mustang engine? or is this saleens own motor?
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    Hey buddy this is the fastest street legal car there is so pipe down.
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    are you retarded or something? seriously, you must be the stupidest freakin dumbass whos ever signed up for this site. i mean seriously, you must be joking or something. why dont you just mosey on over to that big link half way up the page when you first log on to this site and you will see that the fastest is the Calloway Corvette and the S7 isnt even close (i dont count the 1938 merc cuz it cant even turn more then 3 degrees or something). or you could look on the 0-60 page and see the fastest there is the Dauer. wow, now that wasnt too hard now was it?

    or did you mean in terms of taking corners? $hit no, you must be a real newbie cuz this car is way behind in handling. well, not way behind, it will whoop most cars, but it still wont beat an enzo, and just read the july 2003(i think) issue of C&D and you will see that almost every number the S7 makes is beaten by the Enzo.
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    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! You calling a 427 V8 a "poor" engine? Obvious you arent American, or have never driven anything with displacement higher than 2.2 liters. Despite it being a Ford Racing engine, the 427s remain the most powerful and most "adaptable" engines out there today...No one has ever come close to matching engines alike the Chevrolet and Ford 427 or the Chrysler HEMI line...If you think OHV technology you have obviously not been reading any automotive magazines over the past three years. The Corvette Z06 with its OHV LS6 V8 has beatten the pulp out of compeditors featuring OHC and DOHC setups from the land of Germany, Japan, and Great Britan. If the technology wassent succesful or effective we (The Americans) woul have switched over to OHC setups by now. These engines we build are both cost efective and perform extremely well. They offer the torque and horsepower we want/need, and also let us work on our cars without having to take it to the shop. Take a lesson, drive a Big Block powered American car.
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    i don't get it. Look i'm a big fan of those high outputs porsche, ferrari, BMW,... engines make with such small capacity, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS ENGINE??? Ok it hasen't got 120 hp/l But it's light powerfull, lots of torque and is hugely relaible. And if you want even more power it won't cost you a lot. So please shut up, it's a great engine, great car and I would LOVE to have one (but even more a porsche carrera gt)
  14. What?

    Are you retarded or something the enzo costs over $250,000 more than the S7, put that into this car and you can say good bye to your sweet Ferrari. plus he said street legal most of the cars you mentioned are not and from what i have heard the Callaway(don't get me wrong i think vette's are awesome) had slicks on it to get such times. plus the S7 hasn't had a top speed test it seems geared right to do almost 230 or more go to and read up you have got some reading to do. Now go talk on the Enzo's Forums.
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    its a big block...
    well pretty much
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    One of the best features of the car is that its extremely easy to work on. Good luck working on a Porsche or Ferrari, much less paying for the parts. This is a great engine and once again, specific output is a useless statistic. 550 hp is 550 hp, who cares how big tyhe engine is.
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    a pushrod v-8 in an 300,000 dollar american exotic does sound pretty cheap
    then again it gets the job done
    0-60: 3.3sec
    top speed over 200mph
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    The point is not the price the idiot said nothing about the price all he said was the saleen was the fastest street legal car and he was wrong.

    P.S. Mclaren F1 takes a crap on the Enzo
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    Calloway Corvette is not a production car...Production meaning massed produced. The Calloway Corvette was one or at the most 3 or four corvettes that where TUNED by a TUNER for a specific reason. Also....the Saleen S7 may not be the Fastest in a straightway...that crown goes to the McLaren F1 not a corvette. Also, the Saleen S7 has one of the best handling in the supercar department. In fact at 160MPH this car can be driven upside down. The downforce this car creates makes it one of the best handling supercars on the planet. The Enzo costs 1.5 Million dollars...for that price I would hope that it is a bit faster then a Saleen which is 330,000. The enzo uses a V12 engine and the Saleen S7 uses a V8. Now with the size of the Enzo's engine you would think that it would completely overwhelm the S7..but the fact is that the Enzo is barely faster or better than the S7
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    wow, there are some really misinformed people in this forum
    Not a poor engine design, OHV is best suited for this car, less rotating mass, less weight, less to work on. Also this ohv motor would be smaller than an equal displacement DOCH motor design allowing saleen to place it lower in the car for better handling.
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    bigger engines with less power per liter than 100hp/liter are generally more reliable with modern technology. Thy handle the power better and aren't under as much pressure.

    As for the saleen. I think the performance numbers speak for themselves. as well as the engine exhaust noise.
  22. Saleen S7 with "High Output Package" makes 625 bhp as much as a McLaren F1 with a BMW V12 and FOUR camshafts.
  23. Poor engine? You're nuts, guy. If you want a smaller, compact engine pushing around 100/hp per liter, you'd better be up for losing a shit ton of torque. (S2000) You can turbocharge the hell out of a smaller engine to make power, but then your reliability drops considerably. Not to mention an engine with more displacement has more potential to increase it's power.
  24. Ever stop to think Saleen made it that way because he knows the market. Some of us in America aren't as impressed by small displacement boosted motors as others. Besides, to afford this thing you'd have to be either relatively old or have one helluva job. Most of the older folks remember when they were younger and big blocks ruled the car world. Since they're the ones buying the cars, give 'em what they want.

    I don't see a problem with the motor. Would you rather Saleen take a shot at building a motor he knows well (the 427) or gamble money and his reputation on an all new V12? It gets the job done and sounds wicked. Besides...I'd rather have a car I knew would perform and be reliable as sunrise than shell out more money to tell some other self important jackass that I had a V12.
  25. 1-Not a ford engine. It has the same bore centers as a ford, and probably the same gaskets, but thats it. that means the center-line of each piston is the only thing copied from ford in the engine. different cooling, components, mounts, etc.

    2-hp/liter is not a really good stat. Pushrods allow a smaller, lighter engine per displacement (a 3.5 pushrod is smaller and lighter than a similarly produced 3.5 dohc). They are also generally much cheaper to produce, and easier to maintain. So this engine, while maybe not looking as impressive as something putting out 100 hp/liter, has a lower center of gravity, more low end torque, and is the size of a significantly smaller ohc engine. In the end, it balances out well.

    And who cares if the car performs? It's one of the fastest production cars any way you put it, acceleration, top speed, and especially around a track. The engine fits the s7 very well, and is not in fact out-dated, but an excellent producer of torque/hp that this car requires to be great

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