Great car!

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    Man I would love to see someone go rally with one of these!!
    If this car was distributed where I life I would be very tempted to try it in a rally.
    I like the aerodynamics of it and it looks like it's not too heavy.
    Most importantly it's 4wd!
  2. This car ROCKS!!!

    this car is great because it looks Good even if itŽs almost ten years old...

    These cars r so nice. You can get really good examples for like £3k! wot better car can you get for this price?
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    A 150mph / 0-60 5.5sec family car? lol nice one
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    i've been in calibra turbo which was a bit tuned and had tooks 4,7s. to accelerate it from 0 to 100kmh (~0-63mph) and its topseed reaches over 280kmh:s. it was a sick machine.

    it can reach 18" wheels but you propably need to modify inner fenders.

    that calibra which i have exprienced had eds motorsports's tuning kit which includes larger intercooler, new chip, electronic boostpressure adjuster, 4 multiheadsparkplugs, fuel pressure adjuster and some kind of stiffer springs to wastegate. it had also dump valve...well it doesn't exactly increase much power but it sounds cool and helps deliever all the horsepower to wheels as fast as possible. you can find more info from google if you use parameters "eds motorsport".

    what comes to the calibras's looks. it's was designed in 89 and it won many designing awards. today it starts to look a bit dull if you compare it to today's new coupes, but a good bodykit takes 20 years off of its age.
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    Hey I live in the States, I was wondering, when was the last year that this model of the Calibra was built and in turbo model. I am not too sure but I think 1997. Can anyone please let me know if this is right.

    Yes it was on 1997
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    what a great car? it's a shit. the suspension is weak, the engine dies very soon. this car was a good idea, but it's a pchunk
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    if i had to choose i would prefer audi S2 aigainst it anydat. it will kick shit out of this car
  9. this car is okay it would be sweet tuned up

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