Great Idea, but...

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by JESTERFIELD, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. This is a great idea. I mean Ford is bringing back the fastback look for the 2005 Mustang, and the edition of the GTO would be perfect if it didn't look like another Grand Am! Is it too much to ask for Pontiac to venture out a little and try to touch those that knew the GTO of the past? I guess it is, instead they are reaching out to those working middle class of women that we have seen drive that same Grand Am look since the mid 90s. This car is capable of putting up some great numbers, and I know it will, but then again I have this fear of seeing this thing on the road with a 45 year old woman driving it (just like the Monte Carlo SS which really is a disgrace to the SS badge.) Maybe I'm wrong, but I just can't see many young people reaching out to a Grand Am with a GTO badge on it. Anyone else feel this?
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    for a start it isnt a grand am with a gto badge on it. you cant expect a current car to like like someting that was designed 30 years ago and chances are a lot of the people who drove gto's back when they were beiung produced is now to old to want something that is so fast
    the main buyer for these will most likely be young rich business men which unfortuetely means that your 45yr old wonen might drive it if the husband owns one

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