Great Movies You Haven't Seen

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. You know, those movies that people think it's preposterous/sacrilege/unforgivable that you haven't seen them.

    List them.

    Face Off- never seen it, and whenever that comes to the attention of someone, its like I've never drank water, or eaten food. I should see it.
  2. Beautiful Mind
  3. You're not missing much, honestly.

    The Godfather(s)
    Schindler's List
    And more...

    Those are movies I or my brother have owned on DVD for months and months, but havne't watched.
  4. man you need to merge this thread with mine

    Scarface (1st one)
  5. face off isn't even remotely good.
  6. Most of the criterion collection
  7. havent seen wolf creek even though i own it on dvd. heard it was good so i bought it
  8. No Country
  9. There Will be Blood
  10. Most of these aren't really great (that I know of), they're just "classics"
    The Goonies
    Any Rocky movie
    All Dogs Go to Heaven
    The Shining
    I'm sure there's more I can't think of right now.
  11. Now THAT is called "living under a rock".
  12. the shining is a great movie. WATCH NOW!
  13. Apparently its sacrelige not to have seen star wars
  14. There Will Be Blood
  15. Oh yeah, I have never seen Titanic, that's one for sure.
  16. The Big Lebowski
    The Departed
  17. That's really like 3 out of the top 10 movies ever.
  18. the departed was silly
  19. Godfather
    Star Wars
    The Goonies
    The Shining
    the last two Indian Jones movies
    Top Gun in its entirety

    Probably a lot more.
  20. - Schindler's List

    - Rocky [and obviously none of the sequels]

    - Gone With The Wind

    - The English Patient... and probably any similar academy award winning, farking boring, chick-flick piece of crap I'm not interested in but critics bust a nut over it.
  21. It's horrible.
  22. I got an hour into There Will Be Blood and just turned it off because I was bored. I'll finish it sometime I guess.
  23. I've never seen The Princess Bride. A bunch of my friends were completely shocked. I've got to see it sometime.
  24. hurr, Cloverfield!!

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