Great Story: McLaren F1 - Still the ultimate

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  1. This was posted on another forum that I read, and I felt it was truly excellent and worth sharing with this group:

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    Real car enthusiasts enjoy cars, no matter where they come from, no matter who made them or how fast and expensive they are. But the McLaren F1, launched over a decade ago remains to be the ultimate. It represents everything that a car manufacturer and driver strives for to acheive and satisfy the number 1 criterion: "desirability".

    Most of my friends are car enthusiasts, some don't have licenses but CAN drive, some of us drive and crave and tinker for more performance with cars that we can feasibly afford to run. It's just the general problem that we don't earn millions of pounds to enjoy the upper spectrum of automobilia.

    Speaking of the lack of millions. Me and a few friends kept our spending tight last weekend. We all decided to do something without spending much money, if any if possible. We splashed out a meagre £2.50 each as we tripped through Central London at night. Believe me, to witness automotive history, to lay naked eyes on automotive art and the anticipation to be within 1 metre from the 241 MPH supercar was far more than you can ask for with a £2.50 outlay on travel.

    It wasn't easy to reach Park Lane from where we lived. A 2 hour bus journey through the conjested metropolis mean't we had to walk from Trafalgar Square, through Picadilly Circus, through the Strand and then to Hyde Park corner. It was an hour walk, disturbed and interupted by the sight of good looking drunken posh ladies on a saturday night out, the sight, sounds and vibrations of passing Ferrari 360 Modenas, 550 Maranellos, Porsche 996 Carerras, Porsche 996 Turbos and Bentley super saloons on the way to the mighty McLaren. We thought that seeing the fastest car in the world would be a dissapointment after all this..

    This was one of the 100 cars that took 3.5 months to build, by craftsmen specialising in Carbon Fibre composites, engine management and optimisation by BMW's top tier engineering team, by talented interior consultants and tailors of leather and other luxury fabrics all overseen by ex-Formula 1 big brains, Gordon Murray. No compromise, and he was serious. Even just a single gramme of in-balance in the hand crafted gear shifter simply did not pass Murray's quality control.

    This was the car that clocked the initial 220 MPH by former World F1 Champion Mika Hakkinen. Then 230+ MPH top speed with just 580 BHP in hot weather in the same Nardo test track, and then succeeding that in 1998 with 241 MPH - smashing its own record in full 627 HP production specification.

    This was the car that motoring journal, Autocar launched the XP5 prototype from standstill to 60 in 3.2 seconds...using PART-THROTTLE.

    As facinating as it's top speed and acceleration is, the visual quality of the car is simply well ahead of its time. We've seen and touched new Ferraris, Porsches, BMW M cars and Bentleys, but the McLaren is a work of art in 3 dimentions. The underbody floor is so smooth and un-interupted along 80% of the car's length, that you can see the reflections of the show room floor. The 24-carat gold heat shield simply shines through the cooling vents of the rear engine hatch, just hovering above the exhaust resonators belonging to the emissions system that costs as much as your average Focus. Or what about the billet machined ONE-peice brake calipers built by Brembo of Italy?

    The McLaren showroom sits on the corner of Park Lane. Across the street is a Porsche show room, and a Rolls Royce show room, and a BMW show room after that. All seemed anti-climatic after seeing the McLaren. We was dwarfed by the size of the Rolls Royce Phantom. If you thought the new BMW 7 series was a giant, you havent seen nothing yet.

    We didn't carry any cameras, but some of my friends had built in versions in their phones. We took a few snaps, but the resolution was too poor to do the car any justice. After 30 minutes of droolling and dreaming, we walked back. More exotic machinery zoomed and trundled by. We saw the Lamborgini Murcielago and the new Gallardo, we took snaps and touched the body shells of Italy's most ourageous pair of supercars of recent times. Yet, as stunning and out of the box these cars are in person, the McLaren F1 was naturally on our minds.

    A Silver R34 Skyline GTR raced by. We saw, but our reactions were blunt. The presence of any "mere" performance car that night after the McLaren, either dashing past at 60 MPH at full throttle or parked silent suddenly seemed average. The McLaren F1 has altered our perception and palettes.

    Car manufacturers and fan boys hope eagerly that something else might topple the McLaren. Promises of higher top speeds and quicker 1/4 mile times. But yet not ONE manufacturer or fan boy has ever showed or matched the build quality, the attention to detail, the all round capability of the McLaren.

    In my opinion, it is still the ultimate road car.

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    clap clap (;

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    Great Story: McLaren F1 - Still the ultimate

    Gemballa T50... better, faster, sexier, and did i say faster... for half the price?And this is ugly, this car, McLaren in particular has the ugliest design of any car ever made, I would rather take a damn Honda! Well not that low, but like say the CLK GTR, or the Gemballa.
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    Dude, really, what are u on? Mclaren ugly?!?! "the ugliest design of any car ever made" Bit exaggerated, dont u think?

    Just quietly, i think u may need ur vision corrected.

    This car is a masterpiece. The craftmanship/time/money that went into this car was colossal.

    This car was not only made to be fast, well, very fast, it was also created to express automotive genius and give a sense of ultimate exclusivity.

    One of the only cars ever built where there was no compromises in its creation.

    BTW, that was quite a story.

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    U SUCK C**** IN HELL B****!!!

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    Great Story: McLaren F1 - Still the ultimate

    Well, if this McLaren is the best we can do, we might as well turn to Honda for advice on making cars, cuz they know better, and they do better, at least better styling, now McLaren F One, you got a tight top ten, SLR is pretty tight, so is the stradle, but McLaren just doent do it for me, sorry... but everybody has their own opinions so glad to hear yours, I think my visions alright though, and no I wont suck a dick, FinalTierX I dont want to take your job, or your dads, so thanx, but no thanx, Laters Gangstas.
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    Ur right, we do have our own opinions, and u are entitled to yours.

    I also dont mind Honda, but i think Mclaren did just fine without Hondas advice in creating/styling the F1.

    It is a bit sad to hear the Mclaren hasnt really touched u as it has so many of us. I think if u really researched this car, and discovered wat went into its conception, u would have enormous respect for it.


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    Great Story: McLaren F1 - Still the ultimate

    Oh, sorry to give you the thought I dont respect the machine, cuz by all means its a fast car no doubt to that, but I do think there are some cars that surpass it, starting with the CLK GTR, Koenigsegg, Enzo, Cadillac Sixteen, Veyron, and the Gemballa. Now i dont know why poeple at hate Lamborghinis and Benzs, but damn everybody needs to chill. I respect any car, that has 4 wheels and is clean. LOL laters gangstas.
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    ya....i guess it i tha ultimit...but is it 241.17mph or 240.17mph ?
  10. What the hell are you talking about? The Mclaren is THE most stylish supercar ever made. It also has the power to smoke anything that might dare to challenge its might. And I can say for certain that it handles better than a AWD Porsche 911, and the 911 already corners like hell.
  11. Ummm... you sir are an idiot, that's all I could tell you, there is not enough room to tell you why.

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