Greatest band in existance ever.

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    is Lazer.

    seriously the funniest thing ever. Listen to the interview on the website from bad radio.

    i have no idea if theyre for serious or what, but my god theyre wicked.
  2. rage against the machine.
  3. LOL
  4. Andy Milonakis
  5. sorry i got v3.0wned, post is there now.
  6. Starland Vocal Band
  7. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life.mp3
  8. ahhahaha, no.

    Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford and Tom Morello are awesome. But Zack de la Rocha was a DB, and brought the band down IMO.
  9. Audioslave.
  10. I'm confused, this thread isn't about Faith No More.
  11. Gross beyond belief.
  13. when you hear lazer, youll understand.

  15. Zach de la Rocha kept the band alive. Everytime I hear Audioslave I can't help but have the feeling that Chris Cornell is being inconvenienced by his music career. He sounds like he has better things to do than be a singer.
  16. Pearl Jam or Audioslave
  17. how does Chris Cornell seem like he has better things to do? The guy has been in the music industry for some 20 years - he just loves making music, and is IMO producing his greatest work since Superunknown in '94.

    He is much more talented as a musician than de la Rocha ever was, and technically a much better singer too. The band also seem to gel much better under Cornell as well, and seem more able to express their individual styles - unlike under dlR who seemed more concerned with pushing his extreme left wing beliefs.
  18. He SOUNDS like he has better things to do. He sounded so much better in Soundgarden.

    EDIT: Sound overload!
  19. O-Zone.
  20. *O-town
  21. I think he might appear this way because his style and approach to music has changed. But from what i've heard he's enjoying making music more than ever because he has more creative freedom than ever before.

    I was reading an article on the song Dandelion from Out Of Exile. He said he particularly likes this song because he'd wanted to release something like it for so long - but felt unable to under Soundgarden because he thought the fans wouldnt have tolerated it because it is such a soft song.

    And did he sound much better in Soundgarden? he did a bit i admit, he's not quite as smooth nowadays. but his voice is still incredibly awesome, still one of the absolute best (if not the best?) in music today. I love some of the tones he makes with his voice, e.g. in Like A Stone, Bring Em Back Alive and The Last Remaining Light.

    btw if theres any noobs, CC is the guy in my avatar.
  22. he's really tired.

    all that singing at the top of his lungs (or seeming like it) with a normal expression on his face took all the energy out of him. soon he'll move on to easy listening and rock that genre!
  23. what i think was lacking in Out Of Exile was the BADASS Tim Commerford bass sounds that we heard in Audioslave's first album. I hope that they return to this in their new album Revelations.

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