Greetings from Vice City

Discussion in '1985 Ferrari Testarossa' started by Mini Cooper M, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. in case anyone else floatin' 'round these forums cares as much as i do about a damn fine game (and damn fine cars) you're probably the owner of a 24k PS2 and not a POS Shitbox or Crapcube. and if you own any of those and not the ps2, well, go screw yourself.
    anyway, you've probably got the best game ever, if you're a real true gamer: I'm talking 'bout Grand Theft Auto's latest offering in the franchise, '80s Miami-ish Vice City. and if you've already played the HECK out of it like i have, you've noticed some pretty true to life cars in there. Like for one, you doesn't know that the Stallion (also in GTAIII, and completely unchanged) is *duh* a '69 Mustang (sweeeeeet). Here, i've tried to gather a list of the cars with true-to-life productions that look almost too similar to be funny.

    The Testarossa, at which you are obviously viewing now, can be nothing but the Cheetah, which underwent serious improvements over the one in GTA3. that one, and the infernus, looked identical, save for the infernus's completely useless spoiler.
    and as for the Infernus, who didn't know that it's a Lamborghini Countach? Hell, when it comes to self-proclaimed italian "supercars" (badgers, i call 'em, after the love everyone seems to throw at their feet just because of the badge), i know just as much as a newborn baby. but c'mon, even I knew this was a lambo and the cheetah was a ferrari. it all lies in the shape and headlight configuration.
    and speak of headlight configurations, anyone else seen the Deluxo? those headlights just give it away! what more influential a car from the '80s than the Delorean (did i spell that right?)
    and if you were stumped when you saw the Banshee for the first time, you need to have a humongous tattoo across your forehead that says PATHETIC. it's nothing more than a Corvette! knock off the inside taillights, leave the outside pair, and replace the rectangular headlights with circular ones, larger circles on the outside pair, and that's your Banshee!

    oh and by the way, if you're even thinking of knocking ANYTHING from the '80s, except maybe for the rise of the worst possible musical form in the world I'M TALKING ABOUT RAP,
    in other words, shut the hell up.
    PS: to all rappers and other assorted wannabes: you all can thank Aerosmith for bringing your crap-music into the world--that's right, a literally big-mouthed, tight-leather clad crooner-screamer and his simply-bitching band--'80s METAL ROCK (the best music)--are responsible for making the public aware of your utterly pathetic musical experimentations.
    although i'll bet none of you could make head or tails of what i just said.
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    i also kinda thought at first the deluxo looked like a f40 and rap is the best so shut up

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