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  1. Recently on nobody's favourite gay dating app I've noticed a spate of people who all appear to take part in a new sub-genre of gayness. At least, it's one that I've not come across before.

    Apparently it's called Puppy Play, and dudes dress up in #$%#ing weird masks/full pvc outfits as dogs and whatnot. Who the #$%# knows, really. Some make references to wanting to find a "handler", or "master".

    Here are some screenshots.
  2. I don't know why I'm surprised that I can't add images to the first post...

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  3. And one more for good luck, except this guy wants to be a pig.

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  4. Gross. Next they'll want to be able to marry.
  5. Regardless of the point you're trying to make, you can't deny this is weird as ****.
  6. Haha that's #$%#ed up. My friend was really active on grindr, he showed me all weird kinds of shit. He found his boyfriend on there though.
  7. Oh internet.
  8. Seriously?????
  9. Hahaha that's some kinky stuff
  10. Your exasperation is palpable
  11. No point, just being a dork. And yes, it's weird as #$%#.
  12. I can never tell what people actually mean on the Internet
  13. Is that a scheme all the ugly ones have come up with to get away with being ugly?
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    I think it's more a case of this:

  15. Btw Vman, there's about a 50% chance that I'm coming to Birmingham again next November. If that's the case I'll make sure that I have a couple of days off work so we can engage in some puppy play if you want <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. fkin genius
  17. Appreciate the heads-up! Keep me posted man as I'm certain to forget before then.

    If it is confirmed let me know as soon as you know so I can see if I need to book some time off.
  18. If you see one of these people in person you just gotta swing on them on sight.

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  20. being that you're 'VEYRONMAN' and LURVE CARS, you should pioneer 'Buggy Play' in ur gay community. just everyone dressing up like BumbleBee and other Autobots. tailpipes, dipsticks, rearending. 'Fender Benders', if you will.

    we will absolutely judge you.
  21. That sounds kinda fun tbh
  22. i met my wife on grindr
  23. White people are so fucking bonkers. Almost on Asian eyeball and arm out licking tentacle fucking while eating poo pudding in one's own mouth level.

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