GT-R driver dies, injures 14 others

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  2. copy and past the article and upload the pictures or I will ban you.

    you have 1 hour to comply.
  3. overweight bad handling dangerous piece of junk
  4. AWD didn't save him here
  5. Best car ever.
  6. #$%# you jebbinsky and your shitty threads.
  7. sucks.

    too many people think AWD makes you invincible and absolved of the laws of physics.
  8. Same goes for premium cars drivers in general
  11. probably poked the reboot button with his knee or something
  12. yeah

    or his dog walked through the cords
  14. he got the Red Ring of Death while entering the corner

    btw, wtf @ cervical injury....
  15. The GT-R is to die for.
  17. Creeper used the wreck as an excuse to jab his penis inside her cervix. Or, whore used it as a chance to have an excuse to why her hymen is broken at the age of 12.

    From the pic the cabin looks pretty undamaged. I'd have to agree with the Yellow Light of Death as being the cause.
  18. ferrari and lamborghini crashed the GT-R.

  19. I thought Germans and 4wd went together?

    (not literally though)
  20. oh lol

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