GT-R never coming, Skyline already here.

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  1. In my recent visit to the New York International Auto Show I had the presence of mind to talk with one of the Nissan spokespersons about whether the Skyline GT-R will come stateside and this is what he said. The GT-R will never come stateside because the GT-R was made for the Japanese right-hand drive market, and all of its internals are arranged meticulously as such, and that to bring it to America they would have to rebuild the whole car just to put the steering wheel on the other side because it was not originally designed with the intent to be an export car. This is of course unfeasible for Nissan to do.
    On the other hand he explained that the Infinity G35 is actually the new generation Skyline, and if Infinity or Nissan is planning to do a high performance version of this car is a mystery to him.
    Just thought I should pass along this information to my much beloved community. I will post on as many Skyline boards as I can.

    I guess that kind of extinguishes some flames of hope (mine included).
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    the GTR and the new skyline are split the new GTR will not be based on the skyline

    it wil just be badged the GTR not the skyline GTR

    rumours have it that it will be comeing to america and that nissan has developed an engine for export which exceeds local agreements which ban engines with more then 206.6Kw

    i know australia wont be getting any which sucks but grey imports are still good

    anyways good luck with getting it... i dont think anything is definate yet
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    The Nissan GT-R35 might become the Ifiniti R35 in US and Canada~~<!-- Signature -->
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    skyline could smoke this piece of crap!
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    The real reason is that Nissan doesn't want to compete with Vipers, Esprits, C-5s, or S-351s.<!-- Signature -->
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    The regular skyline will be coming to our shores in a 2003 sometime. But the GT-R will never come because as of Febeary(i beleive) the last Skyline GT-R rolled off the production line which sux.<!-- Signature -->
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    Nissan stopped production of the R34 but in 2004 they will produce the R35 which is coming to North America.
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    GT-R is now what you have known the Skyline GT-R. Skylines suckand are coming here soon GT-R's are going global in 2004<!-- Signature -->
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    brings tears to my eyes
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    Re: GT-R never coming, Skyline already here.

    ok i would like to add that he may have been a spokes person but he soesnt know what they are talking about. People have been importing Skylines and changing them for about 40G's thats not what you pay through Motorex but who needs Motorex ne way. They can stay right hand drive, the only thing that needs to be changed is the engine emmissions. After that its all good. I have talked all the way up the Nissan Line and they have said that they are going to import a car that will be sproting the Skyline badge... when that will happen who knows, probably when we are alldead and gone the way the move. Just kidding. My skyline GTR only cost me 40g's because I went through other ways of importing not throgh MOTOREX. The best advice that I can give is to talk to a local importer and get them to give you costs to get one here and then get an emmissions person to be there and get them to take it somewhere to get it leaglized. YOU HAVE To have the crash test data though, thats not cheap. I sowre to the person who I got mine from not to tell ne one so im not. Sorry. Here is a website that you can buy a skyline from pretty cheaply. when the text box comes up asking if you wanna install the lanuuage pack say cancel and the page will come up in english.
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    i think they're slowly making the gtr.
    1 350z released
    2 g35 released
    3 g35 coupe with 6spd released
    4 g35 sedan with awd released
    5 g35 coupe with awd released
    6 350z turbo released
    7 g35+3.5 turbo+awd= GTR
    im probably wrong but that's how i think it's gonna go down
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    the head of nissan said they are bring the GTR the the US
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    I don't know about a 350Z Turbo or a AWD G35 coupe, but yeah you are on the right track on how they are building up on the G35 GT-R.
  14. Actually ur not too far off track from wat ive heard. I dont kno about a Z turbo but i heard that the new R35 will be based on the 350Z platform and a turbocharged version of the VQ35!!! I hope that they keep the AWD(ATTESA) and Getrag from the R34 tho!!!

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