GT-R v Elise v Corvette v 911

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  1. This is the battle of the icons. The question is intentionally vague because I want people to vote with their hearts, not with their heads. I want you to consider as many factors as you want and as many variations of each car as you want. You should also consider things like racing heritage and the full history of each car, but you don't have to.
  2. 15-and-under poll
  3. No, then it would be Veyron vs Enzo vs Murcielago vs McLaren F1.
  4. the Lotus doesn´t fit in there!
  5. It's a newer car but it's already an icon.
  7. Overall the Corvette (pre-1973 Vettes.

    Right now R35>C6
  8. 20k rpm is utterly shit, but he's right in this case.
  9. which 911?
  10. exactly

    I'd take a 911 over any of these as long as it had "GT" in the name
  11. Based on the opening post, I guess it can include *any* 911(s).

    3.0 RSR
    964 RS
    993 Turbo, Turbo S, GT2
    997 GT3 RS
    911 GT1 (technically a 911 in name)
  12. Please don't feed the troll.
  13. If were dealing with any version of any of these, Im taking about a dozen 911s first, then a half dozen corvettes, then a GTR/elise interchangeably in last spot.
  14. but the GT-R is better than most 911s and all corvettes.
  15. GT3 RS or Nissan GT-R V-Spec
  17. What are we voting on? Our favorite? The one that we feel is "most iconic"?
  18. This poll is beyond vague. There isn't even a question.
  19. Vote for your favorite. I meant to be vague but I guess I was a little too vague.
  20. you dont even specify generation, model, or anything. Its like saying WHAT IS THE BEST CAR
  22. Read the OP.

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