GT1 vs Ferrari Enzo!

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    top speed has more to do with downforce and aerodynamics than outright power. They GT1 would woop and enzo on a lemans track. They are both built for totally different purposes. I'm sure if you changed the GT1's aerodynamics round it could outpace an enzo.
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    yes because all they do is drive in a straight line the whole time....
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    GT1 vs Ferrari Enzo!

    I dunno which one I would take.

    I'd have to test drive them and see which one I like better. Probably the enzo would be more practical so I would take that if I couldnt get the Gt1 road registered.

    Or i'd get the most valuable one. Sell it and get a Radical SR3 and a bike.
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    I have no idea which would be faster but I would love to see them race!
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    True, but while looking at the Enzo there are plenty of downforce "areas" which help keep it on the surface while making high paced turns and such.
    - Has anyone else noticed a trend? First Mclaren F1 came out, so every one had Mclaren F1 Vs. _________. Then somewhere around the line Ferrari Throws out the F50, then we have Ferrari F50 vs._______. Way later ,we get the Enzo, and now Ferrari Enzo vs.________. to summarize this,everytime we get the home page of someone has to have that particullar car vs. some other great car. (not saying that your wrong to do so, but it gets old after a while, unless its an actual good compario)
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    Not around a track its not.
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    I dont understand how those of you arguing the Enzo's superiority based on the acceleration numbers. These numbers on are not the documented records of their high performance drivers. They are merely estimates aquired from the factory, or sometimes simply educated guesses by the editors of this site based on the car's specs. The Enzo has not been tested by any credible source yet to confirm these estimations, and therefore should not be considered superior to a car with comparable, proven performance. And let's not forgot the fact that the GT1 is a LeMans-bred race car. All it knows is performance. The Enzo is a super-exotic built primarily for performance, yes, but its still a street car. I'm not denying or confirming that the Ferrari would be the superior performer compared to the GT1. I'm merely pointing out that automatically declaring the Enzo the winner based on estimated potential is pure speculation, and that's a bad thing to base an argument on.
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    wel both cars are really nice but i prefer the porsche becase of the looks. topspeed dont mean anything to me its how fast you can get there. On a track top speed also donst mean anything cos it likely you wont get there sure the acceleration on the enzo is slightly better but it is up to the driver. im not sure about the handling on either cars so on a track if they were equal it could go to either.
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    Porsche is extremely beautiful, Enzo kicks a lot of ass as well, would have to go with the GT1 though.
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    I would take the GT1. Even if its a close race, I prefer the Porsche.
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    Hmmmmmmmmm...close......for sheer power i would have to opt for GT1, but for elegance and pofile, Enzo
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    same for me the GT1 would be much faster than an Enzo in a racetrack but I also love Ferrari as much as Porsche.
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    Same for me the Gt1 should be much faster in a racetrack than Enzo but I also like Ferrari as much as Porsche
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    Same for me the Gt1 should be much faster in a racetrack than Enzo but I also like Ferrari as much as Porsche
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    For the pure sports perfomance I think GT1 will perform better than the Enzo (or any other car) because it's modified for the street at very simple details: its caracter is racing perfomance beyond any compromise.
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    I would take the Enzo as my daily driver and the GT1 as my racetrack-weekend car if I could afford both.
    It all depends on what u would be doing with the cars, u absolutely can't go shopping in town with the GT1, the first speedbump u encounter would anal-rape the car! But it would rule on the track.
    So if u want to use your car for both daily driving and the track, the Enzo is your only option. And I cant say I'm disapointed by that, I love the Enzo!!
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    this car runs in the 10s for 1/4 mi. and thats not even a good time for it. this thing has crazy fast midrange acceleration, but it only goes 170 mph, but it can get there realy fast, faster than the enzo.

    so if it was directly derived from the f1 race car, then i guess they somehow made the 3.0 v10 int a 6.0 v12 right? (very sarcastic)
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    OK, lets put them on a long endurance racing track.

    Acceleration: The Porsche. The Enzo might have a better 0-60, but last I checked, these only one standing start with flat out acceleration in a race, unless you want to get black flagged for speeding in the pits<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Looking at the fact that the GT1 is a huge 400 lbs or so lighter, I'll put its accel out of corners up against the Enzo anyday.

    Top end: Not my area, but both are quite slick. both have the power and gearing, so its down to aero. I bet the Enzo has the advantage here. Its production processes and desighn software is far beyond that whcih was avail for the GT1.

    Reliability: Historically, I think that Porsche has had a big edge here in both production and race cars, though lately the 575MM and 360GTs have been both fast as all hel and reliable too...
    That said, I would bet on the Porsche based on historical ideas. And this is hardcore for racing, where the Enzo, while no slouch, seems a bit softer to me.

    Breaks: yes the Enzo has the better breaks on paper. They are just amazing, as incredible as the rest of the car perhaps more so. But CF can fade. Its great and amazing right up to about 800c, then it you suddenly lose your breaks. Even with really light cars, they can heat up and then go poof. And the Enzo is still so much heavier than the GT1. So while the Enzo might get the fastest lap, I dunno, maybe the Porsche has some advantage in consistency. Just speculation here.

    Looks: (Hey, I gotta put it in here LOL) The GT1. I mean, its much more timeless than the Enzo IMHO.

    So I say Porsche. They have a desighn philosophy that I like more.
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    Couple corrections for you: The GT1 only won Le Mans once, in 1998 with Allan McNish at the wheel. They didn't use this exact car to win either. If you look at the GT1-98 and this GT1 you'll see many drastic differences between the two.

    The Ferrai Enzo was not "derived directly from the Ferrar F1 racecar"; there is not one common part between the two machines since the Enzo is designed to last longer than an hour and a half. There may have been some trickle-down knowledge from F1 to the street car, but to say it's a direct descendant of the racer is to buy into the thinly veiled marketing ploys.
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    All i know if that Tiff Needell from Top Gear and now on 5th Gear said he prefered the 911 GT over a McLaren F1.
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    well look at it this way the GT1 is a 1997 car the enzo is a 2003 car given the technology the enzo has the porsche would kick its ass very easily
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    Agreed !
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    In a perfect world, i would have both, in a non-perfect world, i still take both
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    GT1, after all it`s a Porsche.
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    Wow. All of you people out there thinking that the Enzo has this GT1 beat due to top speed need to be slapped. Did you not read that little part in the info. ON THE FIRST PAGE that stated this car is electronically limited to 192.6 mph for street use by the FIA. Your all morons. With that limiter off this car would easily WHOOP that ugly ass Enzo anytime anywhere, track or street.

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