GT1 vs Ferrari Enzo!

Discussion in '1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion' started by 50 cent, Sep 28, 2002.

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    Just because its new doesnt mean its better, look at the McLaren, older than both cars, but faster.
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    Close one here but im gonna go with the Enzo, its one of the sexiest car around
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    Both and put this on the mastercard, fast, thank you
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    GT1 would outperform Enzo on a treck
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    cf brakes dont fade out after harsh racing due to heat soak, rather, this happens because the disk is extremely abrasive(which is why the braking force is so massive) that it wears out quickly. cf has a much better operation range than any other material, even better than ceramic carbon matrix brakes, but ceramic brakes are slicker(less abrasive) and last much much longer.

    next time you watch F1, pay attention to what comes out of the front brakes under hard braking, that is actually DISC dust and not pad dust, hehe.
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    Enzo acc is faster than the GT1,not only top speed

    see the pic I attached

    Also in terms of weight, GT1 's empty weight is 1175kg and enzo's is 1255kg not 1365kg.So the enzo is not that heavy

    For brakes I think gt1 is better.
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    you havnt seen the specs on the enzo then.
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    Wow.. Nice pic.. But i think that something is missing.. the CLK GTR.. But anyway, i would choose the Porsche.. Dont like the looks of the Enzo.. And the Porsche is built purposely to race on a track..
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    another stupid thread designed for one thing! To make people argue with eachother. Everyone knows Porsche fans hate Ferrari fans and vice-versa........God.
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    I'd go with Ferrari cause it is CHEAPER!
    If I could only afford one...<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    becuase people like comparisons. there is even an entire forum called car comparisons.
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    All I got to say is, yeh sweet cars, but how many of us can actually afford them? Not to mention everyone's accounted for on the short list of enzo owners. I just think both cars are excellent and wouldn't mind owning either one. If I had to choose, it would be the Ferrai!
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    I insist, something is wrong with the table data.

    How can a McLaren LM (668 hp) perform 0-100mph in 6.7s and a simple McLaren (627 hp ?) perform 6.2s if aero braking effect only becomes significative over 120 km/h?!

    The value for the simple McLaren is optimistic: too much...
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    First off these two cars are so close in specs that its all up to personal preference. I like porsche and ferrari but if you look at my name you can guess which one i think is better. But both cars have there own advantages. My main complaint is that all you porsche guys saying this car would beat the enzo out on the track, well you obviously dont understand that the enzo is based on a race car and prob has the same advantages that this car does regarding suspension. That was the McLarens disadvantage it was sloppy on the track because it had soft suspension. I couldn't tell you which one was better and if i were to see them on the track they would prob be neck and neck and the better driver would win.
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    Cool, thanks for the info, I'll remember that when I watch F1. But I dont get Speed channel, (start mournfull violins) and I dont get to watch much.......
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    Everybody keeps goin on and on about ".1 faster", and "higher top speed by 24 mph". If you put the race version 911 GT1 and Ferrari Enzo...the GT1 is going to smoke it. The GT1 competed with, and often beat the Mclaren in Le Mans (which is the ultimate test of a cars abilities). And in case you guys didn't know this, the McLaren GTR does 0-60 in about 2.5-2.9 seconds....and I've seen claims of 2.1, which wouldn't surprise me if it could do that. Also, the car is electronically limited to can go alot faster. But Le Mans racing rarely goes up past 200 mph anyways, that's why the Ferrari will never see it's top speed, it would need a huge straightaway to reach 214. The Porsche is also a good deal lighter-about 200 kilos, which will greatly help it's handling. 400 pounds more is alot when you're doing a hairpin turn at 60 mph. My next argument is somewhat opinion-based, but I think the Porsche is far better looking of the two. It's so much smoother, sleeker than the Ferrari, which has hard lines and edges everywhere.
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    the McLaren F1 LM does 0-100 mph in 5 seconds, its on some poster i have.
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    I like more the gt1 on the race track, tats true, it beat the mclarens, its more than the numbers make it looks like, but no body knows if it's faster than the enzo, i've faith that it is, like the carrera gt.
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    Fisrt off, where do you get off comparing the Enzo to a stripped out Le Mans racer that is barely street legal? As some guy pointed out earlier, the GT1 is only limited to 192, you can remove the limiter for max speed. Plus Top Gear were invited to the Firano test track ths month, with a Ferrari test driver, and the couldnt better 0-60 in 4.06, in excellent conditions. The Enzo uses technology derived from F1 it is not derived from a racer as some fool said.

    As much as i like the enzo, as the porsche is that much more special. The CLK GTR owns both these cars tho, just check out another related thread. For a Porsche vs. Ferrari comparison, put the 660bhp Enzo against the 612 bhp Carrera GT. Fairer as they are designed as road going supercars, not vehicles homologated for racing regulations.
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    The fact that its a PORSCHE just makes it a million times SHITTIER than the FERRARI Enzo. I mean, I see about a Porsche every second when I drive down the street (not GT1, but still Porsches), while I'm lucky if I see a ferrari or two every two months. So please bow in front of FERRARI, its heritage, quality, and the fact that Porsche just tries to imitate Ferrari, like most supercar brands out there.
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    Personally, I think the front of the Enzo is too short, and the spoiler area of the GT1 does have something 'wrong' with it, but I don't really know or care which is better. I would be way too glad to care if I got either one. We don't have to get all angry about who's right and wrong. I'm amazed that Porsche got a flat-six to pump out 544 horses. That shows some great engineering on their part.
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    You don't see as many Ferraris as you do Porsches because Ferraris cost to much for the performance, styling, etc. that you get. Porsches, on the other hand, are priced a whole ton better.
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    Yeah, it's true. i've got the video for it too.
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    For starters, what does this have to do with this thread?

    Second, the "simple" McLaren has more torque i believe, and hence i able to pull the 0-100 quicker. Plus 120 km/h = around 75 mph (i think) so aero-braking (i assume you mean drag) does indeed come into effect.

    Third, the same driver didn't test both cars. I'm pretty sure it was James Wallace driving the LM when those numbers were recorded, and i know they simply could not get good traction off the standing start so the numbers suffer because of that. That could be a side-effect of the increased power. I don't know who was driving the standard F1, but it stands to reason they were probably better at standing starts than Wallace (he's a great driver, but he rarely does standing starts) and had less power to try to control.

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