GT1 vs Ferrari Enzo!

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    The Porsche is also a good deal lighter-about 200 kilos, which will greatly help it's handling. 400 pounds more is alot when you're doing a hairpin turn at 60 mph. My next argument is somewhat opinion-based, but I think the Porsche is far better looking of the two. It's so much smoother, sleeker than the Ferrari, which has hard lines and edges everywhere.

    Once more P GT1 isn't 400 bls lighter than the Enzo

    empty weight: 1175kg vs 1255Kg
    Unladen weight (din) 1250kg vs 1365kg(water, oil,fuel tank half full)

    So enzo is 220 bls heavier not 400 bls

    the weight quote of Autocar mag pic I posted here for the enzo is wrong. They quoted the din weight of the enzo and empty wight for GT1.
    Also for the zonda,they also quoted the empty weight.

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    You contradict yourself.
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    Jesus, does everyone have to compare every car that comes onto with the enzo. Firstly, the enzo is five or six years older than this, so the technology may not be as good on this, that don't mean that it's a better car. A Maybach limo has all sorts of computers on board with internet access and all kinds of other stuff, is it better than an Enzo or a Porsche GT1 because it has more hi-tech stuff.

    Secondly this car was homologated for competition use, therefore it is derived directly from the racing car, and it has to be close to the racing car to allow Porsche to compete with the racing car. The Enzo on the other hand is derived on the F1 car: 'Aye, Right'. That's just some stupid PR blabber to make people think it's great, just in the same way that the F50 engine was evolved from Alain Prosts F1 engine, just with about double the capacity and all of the F-1 bits taken off.

    In a straight fight(Which there will never be, trust me) how can you say that the Enzo would win. The Porsche is a racing car with softer springs/dampers for the road and some creature comforts added, hence the massive stupid looking spoiler: its there for a purpose to produce downforce and make it "HANDLE"( this is where a car goes round a corner and isn't just racing in a straight line on dead straight tarmac as most people in this forum think) as we can see on the Enzo, this doesn't have a big spoiler, nor much of a diffuser so will lack downforce when it comes to cornering and will therefore be beaten convincingly by the GT1. And for the top speed, just try to find a track in the world where the Enzo will have enough room to reach it's top speed, yet marvel at how the race bred downforce from the GT1 allows it to catapult itself from the exit of bends whilst the Enzo spins it's wheels and bursts it's tyres. And this downforce will mean that the GT1 will also be able to be much more stable at high speed, be tractable in the rain, and have better acceleration in the mid range.

    Basically think before you compare two cars, please, for the sake of the sanity of some of us
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    I think you are a little mistaken...The Enzo isn't 5 or 6 years older, it's the other way around. The GT1 was in 1997..the Enzo came out in 2002.
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    definately enzo for me aswell...would outperform the GT1 anyday IMO
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    this is just another one of those battles between German and Italian cars, so whats really faster, the 2003 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron or the 1938 Mercedes Benz W125 Record, the GT1 vs Enzo is just another step in the neverending car-wars between those 2 countries, and thats what makes them 2 the worlds best car manufacturers. the only thing that can stop these two is the end of the worlds oil supply, and even then, mercedes has developed a Water-fueled car, then the race could be on again, yet therel never be a winner - ITALY vs GERMANY
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    If i could have either, i'd take them both because you'd have to be rich as hell to afford either. I love both of these cars. It would be an awsome race in my opinion because both cars have similar specs and are very fast.
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    I love porches and ferraris both... there both unique cars. ideally a person would have both. but since the enzo would be more drivable everyday, and in straight line performance would win hands down (in my country, there is not any good race tracks for circuit, so there goes circuit, leaving me with drag racing, give me the enzo.
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    erm Tiotdity, you might wanna check your car wars facts there. The Bugatti Veyron is i fact German because the rights to the Bugatti name belong to VW.

    And also, 2003?? surely you're joking, they just keep on releasing newer concepts with more cylinders and more power in their effort to better the McLaren F1. At the rate they're going, there wont be enough power for anyother car in the world when they build it.
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    The 3.6 number is reported by Porsche. 3.5 seconds is the fastest I have seen done with the Enzo (from Automobile) I would say 3.2 would be realistic with this. So it faster. And, like, a bazillion times better looking.
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    Enzo looks way better? plz, GT1 for me!
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    I also agree, on a close circuit and driver situations. much like hakkinan and schumacher in 99/00! it would be one hell of a battle.
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    Enzo is ugly ! only a ferrari fan would say it looks better!
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    You give a bad name to Porsche fans...

    Like me ;-)


    O and im going for the Enzo winning
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    God knows an Enzo isn't rare
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    You are so right. About how its annoying that everyone compares cars to Enzo part neway. The rest is BS
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    german cars are far more reliable, refined, and beutiful. i go with the porsche.
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    This is bull. All of you who say that this has better lap times are wrong. The Enzo has a better power to weight ratio, and superior downforce unlike popular belief. It was design in the up to date ferrari wind tunnel. The GT1 is very fast dont get me wrong, but it would not keep up. Oh yeah bridgestone, who produce the tires for ferraris F-1 car have made a special tire just for the enzo keeping it glued to the road better than the GT1 would be. For everyone that watches F1 we know how important good tires are.
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    It would be a fun race to watch.
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    It is not faster than the Enzo But is still would say that the Gt1 is Better...!
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    The Porsche GT1 could top out at a faster speed but they electronicly keeps the car from goning faster even though it can easly go over 200 mph. Im a porsche GT1 fan so i would like to say it would beat the ferrari enzo but the ferrari is newer and slightly better 0-60 times. But if i were to choose which one i could have i would go porsche GT1 all the way!
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    yes i do think the Ferrari Enzo would win, but i know one car that is undefeatable. the Corvette Lingenfelter 427TT. 0-60 in only 1.9 seconds and a top speed of 240mph, it also has 805hp. this car can rape any super car out there.
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    Comparing these two cars is to compare apples and oranges. To say that the C-GT requires considerable skill is an understatement. It has everything racing, (i.e. very difficult industrial clutch, shot-peened gears. Of course the C-GT is faster around a track. And though I have read people's comments on the pricing, if I am not mistaken, the C-GT was $1 million new. For 659,000, one can pick up a new Enzo (provided that one receives an invitation from the Ferrari folks), and have a car that is surprisingly livable from (supercar relative) day to day. The Porsche was a HOMOLOGATION special, (not homogenization, I believe that process is reserved for yogurt and cheese). Sure, one could purchase a used C-GT, but how can a used car's approximation of price compare with a new car's price? Secondly, with a used C-GT, or really any of these supercars, buying the car used is a stupid idea if one intends to actually drive this rolling piece of history, since the seats, steering wheel position, etc., is set for the original buyer. THEY CANNOT BE ADJUSTED EASILY. For actual street driving, I would take the Enzo. For racing, the C-GT would work, but if I had that sort of money, I would just buy a 2001 Brumos Porsche 911 GT class race car.
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    No, this is probably faster. The 3.6 is Porsches estimate, and they always underestimate.

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