GT2 RS almost crashes while racing a CGT on the NR

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by dani san, May 8, 2013.

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  2. Looks like the rear lost grip when he lifted. CGT driver seems very experienced.
  3. Mid engine >>> rear engine
  4. meh? scenes like this happen prolly every day on the ring.

    i was actually pretty impressed by both drives, especially the CGT guy. Some of those passes around those slower cars seemed pretty close too.

    I would have lost countrol and killed myself by the 2nd turn.
  5. Those passes where very close if not too close/irresponsible. You'll never know how those others will react or if they've noticed you, they're not used to racing.
  7. If they're not used to racing, they shouldn't be on the N'ring then.
  8. It was race i think. You are not allowed on the straight during normal days
  9. Not a race but a Trackday with marshalls. it is way different than tourists days. He just got carried away by the CGT and its awesome driver. He was all over the place on the whole section. The front got light on a bump and since GT2rs has quite a direct steering his front wheels were not straight ==> Kaboom

    If it wasn't for the CGT he would have braked and cooled it off in time but yeah he was really into it.
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    1:49 - same place, quite a bump for the Caterham

    Then 2:10, similar type of situation, but probably at fairly higher speed and the driver manages to catch it. I'd be brown all over.
  11. tried this in GT5 and I could keep control so no idea what happened here
  12. It will be fixed in GT6.
  13. That's a section where you're already going pretty fast, your rise and crest and you're expected to be slowing on the other side. those factors conspire to make a lot of fast cars very squrrely.
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    An other one tried this week
  15. Ooof. What happens when the next car comes over the crest at 150 and sees a car on its roof?
  16. touge skills would help out in here
  17. lol

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