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  1. Well I just found out that Gran Turismo 4 isn't coming out of Dec 14 like it was suposed to be. It has been push back for the 7th time for "minor adjustments"

    So to commemorate this special occasion, lets have a Box design contest.

    This is the Official box. Some of you might think they could have done a better, more colorful job. I personaly like it, but anyways.......

  2. i went to pick up halo2 at gamestop and they said the new release date for gt4 would be january 3rd.
  3. Come on. Someone must have some box designs?
  4. We've had one of these gt4 box competitions before, so someone should have one. Mine is on my other computer.
  5. they were quite obviously wrong then.
  6. Here's your box.
  7. moo wins....end of thread
  8. ha.. the only one making/editing a box and there's the winner..!
  9. Does anyone know what that car is on the cover?
  10. Ford GT? (wild guess)
  11. Hold on i got one
  12. I decided to put the online logo on there anyways, thought it looked better that way.
  13. needs to be more abstract.

    anyways, i think any one of these pics on the box would look good, provided good effects are added.
  14. they should just have a snapshot of the longtail mclaren f1 gtr on the nurburing
  15. Wasnt it comin out in 2005 only now???
  16. Delayed due to implementing new cars.
  17. Delayed due to [random excuse]
  18. That's a nice design.
  19. It looks like one, although I've never seen a Ford GT with those rims, or without stripes.
  20. trust me when I say I am 999.999999999% sure thats a ford GT.
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  22. That looks awesome.

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  24. mine from the first gt4 cover topic contest
  25. not bad

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