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  1. the NFS:U2 crowd does <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  2. Well those are two different cars. 1994 - 2001 being the 3rd gen Integra while 02-Present being the 4th gen (RSX).
  3. man i'm so relieved they remembered to put the Lancer and Skyline in the game.
  4. buy why 4 versions of the 3rd gen
  5. that's some cool shit.
  6. Well I personnally think the list is bogus. But I could see having at least 2 of the 3rd generation. One with the US spec 4 head light front end and one with the JDM front end.
  7. It's under both AC and Shelby. The 427 was built in both countries so it's right that it is under the UK as well as the US. Note AC is 1966 and Shelby is 1967.
  8. 04 delorean? what is this
  9. cant wait for...
    audi R8
    speed 8
    m3 GTR
    v12 LMR
    F1 GTR
  10. GTR Street version! i definately wanna have a go with that one.
  11. I hope this isn't the list, it wasn't really what I was expecting. I was hoping there would be a new mustang, 03 Cobra, SRT-10 viper truck, and some more American cars.
    JAY LENO (U.S.)
    Tank Car ('03)
  12. new mustang is in there..

    the regular cobra and SRT-10 ram should be in there though.
  13. Needs more cars, especially in the Chevy department.
  14. Okay, so there's 42 skylines and one cadillac? Somebody please tell me this is incorrect.
  15. Its a #$%#ing Japanese games you dumb mother #$%#ers. If someone buys the game, one of the great things is they can purchase the same car as they own in real life. This means there have to be all of the variations of different models/years/YEAH!#$
  16. I heard in japan they're not allowed to make games with cars from other countries in it.
  17. The Yakuza said so.
  18. E-Type Coupe ('61) weak, i wanted the convertable...
  19. I thought this was common sense. Plus how many kids outside of America salivate over a bloody Caddilac???? Minus the CTS-V and perhaps XLR. But really, it is a Japanese game and there are lots of Skylines Lancer Evos etc but they are all different.

    I guess some kids can't apreciate the difference between an Evo II and an Evo VI TME.
  20. yep but i cant appreciate

    DAIHATSU (Japan)
    Copen Active Top ('02)
    Copen Detachable Top ('02)
    Midget ('63)
    Midget II D-Type ('98)
    Mira TR-XX Avanzato-R ('97)
    Move Custom RS Limited 4WD ('02)
    Move SR-XX 2WD ('97)
    Move SR-XX 4WD ('97)
    Move CX 2WD ('95)
    Storia X4 ('00)

    Civic Type-R ('97)
    Civic Type-R ('98)
    Civic Type-R ('01)
    Civic Type-R ('04)
    Integra Type-R ('95)
    Integra Type-R ('98)
    Integra Type-R ('99)
    Integra Type-R ('01)
    Integra Type-R ('03)

    Vitz RS Turbo ('02)
    Vitz RS 1.5 ('00)
    Vitz U Eurosports Version ('00)

    there are others

    and shit if they cant even get the years right, 2000 ZO6 thats pretty bad, and they can change everything about the stupid JGTC cars, livery ect but cant add more yellow to make the C5-R look updated. it cant be that hard
  21. its not hard to take a car that they have already model and change abit of it and make it a diffrent car
  22. exactly and thats shows how lazy they are with the Americans cars especially Chevy
  23. CSL doesnt seem to realize its the car manufactuers fault if they say NO when asked for a license to put their cars in a game.
  24. I really have my doubts about that. I mean why would they use a base BMW 3 series in GT3 and not the M3?


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