GT40 VS. the caddilac Cien is a stupid comparison

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by Razzo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this VS. the caddilac Cien

    dude, this would be a phat race man. who do u guys think will win?? i think it will be one hell of a #$%#in tough race!
  2. Re: this VS. the caddilac Cien

    Cien hands down!!!! 750 horses are too much for this 60's wannabe<!-- Signature -->
  3. How about Cien vs. GT90, neither of THEM will be production cars or some other concept vs. concept comparison...
  4. Re: this VS. the caddilac Cien

    Cien vs. GT40 is a pretty bad race. The GT40 is a nice car, but I think the Cien has way too much power to make a fair comparison. Cien vs. GT90 is a VERY close race. I have no idea who would win that one.

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