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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Drift God, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Well I think its due time for a custom setup online race. I will set a few standards for the car and we will have a reasonably long race once online.

    Car: Civic Type R (EK) '97
    Mods rules: Must keep NA Engine. Tires limited to Slick Hard.
    Track: Cape Ring

    Now for a little incentive. The player that ends up in LAST PLACE will gift the player in FIRST PLACE any car thats value is $30,000 or more.

    So, who's in?

    Room ID: 1472-6118-4259-7710-5273
  2. Forza3 anyone? Might be on later
  3. Get out of my thread bro.
  4. I wouldn't mind but gf is watching stuff on tv and I can't sit for more than 5min without having to hurry up for you know what
  5. I'm down for forza.
  6. When? What time? How many laps? Which configuration of Cape Ring?
  7. quick, someone talk shit about the pixels in that screenshot
  8. Yeah my PSN: liqmybutthole
  9. FIrst we need to find out who's in.
  10. I don't have that car, can I used the McLaren F1 instead?
  11. You dont have enough to buy one? I chose one of the cheapest cars to buy/modify.
  12. I'll allow it.
  13. at least you can put white wheels on a car in this game
    cant in forza
  14. Yeah, add Veinzer whoever wants to play

    put on some hp restrictions
  15. I'm there but can't join, its stuck in loading your #$%#ing room

    also thanks for making me waste 100k on a stupid civic that I cna't use
  16. I'm down for some racing. Is it still on?
  17. I wish I knew how to tune cars
  18. it's a lot easier than in GT4

    tuning a car in that game was just ridiculous
  19. Oh shit, I just read the little last place clause. I don't know about that part.
  20. When do you plan on hosting this?
  21. I have been hosting... no one joining.
  22. 1472-6118-4259-7710-5273
  23. lol is that game adress

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