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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Drift God, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Dont think we'll use it if we cant get 16 players going.
  2. Eat my ass and balls, ****
  3. No mic btw, and this is my first ever online race in GT5

    plus i neeed to hit the bong first


    Violations found:
    power: 275hp must be set to 197hp or less
  4. what was KingSegg? was a fun race but damn that 380 Nismo Z sucked hard.
    also hard to drive wit hchoppy cars but when I bumped into you accidently I slowed down to wait for you

    was fun

    we should do a Ferrari 512 marathon
  5. It was me you were racing...It was fun
  6. White, pixelated wheels.
  7. oh are those wheels not Premium
  8. whats wrong with your cars

    I thought everybody was going to max out the cars to the specs
  9. ahh good times
  10. Wow, racing La Sarth at night was intense

    who was that guy with the psn that started with a z
  11. i could barely stay on the track. combination of no visibility and too much rwhp did me in.
  12. McLaren was actually good at setting this stuff up, who the hell wants to race civics...
  13. hobomen
  14. MaleficZ

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