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  1. Where do you buy the spay paint cans?
  2. hmmm k, in my bedroom.

  3. I want to know if there's any way to unlock locked vehicles. E.g. is there a lock picking kit or some such?
  4. It works when you push it into one of your garages....takes a lot of time though, even when you use another car.
  5. At the airport in San Fran' (or whatever it's called) where the NSX is there are these two cool helis' and a fighter plane sometimes. I'm not sure if I can tow them...
  6. i also have a question, you know in san fierro in the docks where you have to export the cars, whel i've finished some of the misions there but i'm missing only one car its called euros, does anyone knows wich is it or where to find it?
  7. They should work once you've completed the 'Learning to fly' mission. That should also unlock the NRG500 bike at the airport if I'm not mistaken.

    Don't know if there is a way to go flying without finishing flight school. I've pretty much stopped playing SA once I finished the story mode.
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    From Gamefaqs



    Info: Its an OK sports car but not the best 'IMO'

    Parked Locations:

    *Underneath The Camel Toe, Las Venturas

    Spawn Locations:
  9. I don't know where flight school is, and I'm too lazy for the story. I just want to mess around. Assuming you can get into the airport (e.g. with jetpack) flying is no prob', most planes (including even the Lear, Jumbo, etc.) are unlocked, but the ones at the San Fioero airport are not...
  10. crap, i've never seen it hehe well see you guys later i have a car to steal hehe'
  11. if you know where area 51 is in Las Venturas you can just go a little bit over and the flying school is right there
  12. We haven't unlocked Las Venturas yet so when I go there the cops are all on me. I guess I should unlock it...
  13. Flight school sucked hard though...worst part in the entire game.
  14. yah, i got really bored when i had to do the swimming mission and my guy couldn't swim
  15. f*ck, I wish I could just have the game 100% unlocked without all the BS...
  16. I Finished the game already.

    I think the worst part of the game is the Zero missions.

    To find the Flight school look in the top-center of the map and you will see an abandoned airfield. The flight school is there.

    The Euros is one of the trickier cars to find, it only shows up parked in one spot, the Camel toe in Venturas.

    You cannot get into locked cars until you finish the pre-requisites. IE: 100% with girlfriends, Finish Schools(flight,Driving, etc)Complete certain missions. Or you can try to get the locked vehicle to one of your Garages then save the game, when you try to get in the car then it should be unlocked.
  17. I'm going to try option B <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  18. are there any garages with like really high ceilings? I need to figure ouyt hot to get a heli on a truck now...
  19. just did the 42 first tags, and damn it's long/boring, I always have to defend my 'hood and kill some wannabes.
  20. There should be a mayham mode for GTA that doesn't require all the RPG #%$gyness...
  21. just hunt cops down.
  22. All you have to do is start a vigilante mission (or any other mission that you have to press R3) and it will end the attacks
  23. I should really start playing this again. I've hardly gotten anywhere in it.
  24. theres too many things to do, while on my search for tags , these things were annoying me and asking for help :
    - hood being attack (when you have 10 different, it's #$%#ing hard you never have spare time)
    - girlfriend wants to go out (whatever)
    - your phone rings for new missions
    - because I can't drive without ramming people, the police is always after me.

    and theres still no "main" mission in this.
  25. When can you buy ammo?

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