GTI V: Fifth Gear and Top Gear car of the year

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by MR2T, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. GTI V: Fifth Gear car of the year

    The new GTI is cleaning up the awards in europe.

    Edit: I just found out it won the top gear car of the year too.
  2. Must have been a slow year.
  3. yep with the enzo, 997, DB9, EVO FQ400, second gen focus and all. Watch the damn shows you tard.
  4. TopGear awards go like this...

    Overall winner: VW Golf GTi
    Small car: Peugeot 1007
    Executive Saloon: Jaguar S-Type D
    Dream Car: Maserati MC12
    Muscle Car: Vauxhall Monaro VXR
    Supercar: Ferrari F430
    SuperSaloon: E60 M5
    GT: Aston Martin DB9
    Hatchback: Citroen C4
    Family Car: Toyota Corolla Verso
    Limo: Maserati Quattroporte

    Personally, I'd have made the hatchback award go to the GTI and made the car of the year the F430.
  5. a performance car cant be car of the year.. its to focused on performance..

    i would have made the car of the year the M5 if it hadnt made 9 mpg.. overall, the choice isnt a bad one, but i would have picked the 300C or magnum RT.
  6. Sadly I actually agree with you, the M5 nails almost all the cateogories. Then again the show is seriously biased, they wouldn't allow a kraut to beat the brits out if they had the chance (I don't mean overall, more like Executive and GT which could have been dominated by other cars).
  7. I'd just as soon watch the WWF. It's about as truthful.
  8. everything but fuel efficiancy, which it fails terribly.. the Magnum RT however is very sporty, has ton of function, priced pretty darn right (at least in america) and makes 20+ mpg. everything is right with the car, but no win. seems electing a yank to win is a lot worse then a kraut, huh?
  9. The 300C and Magnum, are not sold in the UK yet. And when he 300C was on the show it got bashed by them and the VXR (bigger badder GTO) and the S Type R were a whole heap better in the comparo.
  10. Watch the episodes and you can clearly see how they fawn over the Astons and Jaguars and yet they continue to criticize anything outside of England and refuse to admit when a car is superior to their own. I was really surprised when in Fifth gear they had the gull to say that the new Bentley was "the most import new car of the year," which clearly it wasn't. Other cars beat it performance wise and luxury wise. Their only excuse was that it as a 2+2...
  11. A opinion can't be true or false. This is their opinion.
  12. Theyr'e not wrong, theyr'e jsut biased towards brit cars.
  13. As are motoring shows all over the world. Here in Sweden, Volvo and Saab (have you heard of them?) nails every test in magazines and on TV. Couldn't there be Marsians doing shows on cars, then everyone would get objective views on them. Yesterday I watched a show on channel 4+ where they compared Jaguar S-type R against the new Porsche 997 Carrera. They got 13 and 14 points out of 25! Retard that Matson dude.
  14. He prefers to make ill-informed comments rather than actually watching the programs.
  15. Eh?

    They've (Top Gear) only chosen 2 British cars.
  16. The Bentley GT was one of the most important cars of the year, that doesn't mean it was the best. Similar situation with the X-Type, it was an immensely important car regardless of whether it turned out to be a class leader (which it wasn't).
  17. Pretty much

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