GTR gone mad

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  1. It looks clean. I think the performance is clean too.

    Engine Twin Turbo Inline-6 0 - 60 mph 3.0 seconds
    Horsepower 633.9 kw / 850.1 bhp @ 9300 rpm
    Transmission 6-Speed Manual Topspeed 343.3 kph / 213.3 mph
    Weight 1541 kg / 3397 lbs

    That's what I mean. 3.0 0-60 insane for inline-6
    850.1 hp...@ 9300 rpm... I can't talk about it because I go nuts.
  2. Re: GTR gone mad

    I would like to see a Ferrari put those numbers up with inline 6.

    Telling you right now Japanese cars are better than all Italyan cars accept Lamborghini.
  3. they could easily do it.
  4. hahaha if these power ratings were correct realistly it would have the funniest lookin powerband. you think in a 2.8 liter engine a 'turbo' could squeeze an extra 570 hp out of it? remember, with a turbo installation certain products such as 'Intake systems' and 'exauhst systems' would have almost absolutly no effect on the engines performance.
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    actually, yes, it can. the base RB26DETT engine which the skyline uses has been known to get even up to at least 700HP with very little engine mods...

    australian skylines can boost even up to 1000HP and a local skyline here has 857HP (see, and it's not yet even finished.

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