GTR scared of GT3

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    Look at how that boat wobles.
  2. wow that took 2 minute to load the video what is this 56K......good save by GTR driver
  3. Almost lost it man.
  4. man the GTR needs a REAL driver....
  6. thats not a gtr thred.
  7. This video show that "result" from Best Motoring are full of sh!t.
  9. Clearly due for the latest Playstation patch.
  10. lolol, the moment this stuff comes out the idiots come out of the word working. Yes, this is a car, yes, it is possible to oversteer or understeer with any car, no, it is not run by a playstation controller, yes, porsche is a good manufacturer, yes, porsches have been served their crow by all major car magazines, and some imported ones that I read.
  11. The April edition of EVO magazine would argue against the GTR being 'scared' of the GT3, it was faster around bedford autodrome than a GT3, and won the overall comparison. EVO love the GT3 more than anything, but they have conceded that the GTR is an incredible drive and that Porsche need to lift their game.
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    Brick on wheels

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  14. it only shows that crapanese engineers canĀ“t drive Porsches at the limit
  15. yuo haev brugerfaec yuo
  16. wtf, post GTR shit in GTR thread.
  17. looks like the GT3 was going slow as crap in the wrong part of the track!

    The GT-R driver made a mistake comming in after the turn and thats what happend for that mistake.

    This guy isnt pro, but he is not a beginer. he has been driving the car for a few weeks only, so its new to him on the track. you should see some other vids of this guy driving.

    every vid he times himself and in one of them he looses the timer after grabbing to fast for it and tosses it somewhere. its pritty funny.
  18. where is the #$%#ing panda ?
  19. Bs, the GTR good scared of the GT3 and its computer crashed.
  20. Nitrogen tires didnt help
  21. What?? I don't speak prepubescent teenager.
  22. Myth: Can a car be scared?

    a) scared is an emotion

    Root question: Do cars have emotions?

    Answer: NO

    Conclusion: GTR is not scared of GT3

  23. proof that the GTR has no PASSION because its a pos bow

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