GTR Transmission Breaks...On Video

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  2. "The Samurai Speed Nissan GT-R you see above (the one on the right) is a total bad ass. With over 600 horsepower and several other performance-enhancing tweaks, it can do a 10.5-second quarter mile run at a ridiculous 128.42 mph. Samurai Speed has obviously tested Nissan's notoriously finicky Launch Control over 100 times without a single hiccup... until now. The $20,000 tranny recently took a dirt nap on the drag strip with the cameras rolling, and we have video of the carnage after the jump.

    You can't hear the tranny fail on account of the other GT-R at the line, but onlookers said the nuclear transmission sounded like a "bunch of metal dominoes in a line and Tiger Woods came by and hit them with his driver." Ouch. It's pretty obvious that Nissan won't be picking up the warranty tab for this GT-R, so Samurai Speed plans to beef up the transmission on its own dime in an effort to continue cranking out incredible times."
  3. While the z06 was running 10s and trapping 128+ mph over and year ago, BONE STOCK

    Did it without 600hp, AWD, automatic transmission or launch control either.
  4. 100 launches ain't bad at all, I don't know why you're laughing so hard
  5. And it lapped the n-ring in 7:29, oh wait.
  6. Haha, a Z06 just barely breaks into the 10.9 and all of a sudden tis the greatest thing ever
  7. The last three posts are all win.
  8. I want to see someone make an indestructible tranny for these things since that seems to be their biggest issue. Not that 100 launches is bad, but it sounds like a lot of others crapped out long before then.
  9. I call bullshit on 100 launches. I bet its more like 2.
  10. That's a bet you'd lose.
  11. too bad too sad
  12. i blame polyphony ditigal
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    your a dumb shit man.

    the z06 runs mid 11's and mid 120's. only one case of a stock z06 running 10.98
    that is well documented here: and other places. only one i have seen that fast stock.

    in any case the tranny in the GT-R is freaking nice, its not cheap and its not glass. this is proof of that. the only problem it has before was people who would abuse the #$%# out of it... running a clutch dump at 4500rpms will do that and NOT EVEN LAMBO WILL WARRANTEE A CLUTCH REPLACEMENT FOR THAT KIND OF ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they even said so. they look at the computer to see the abuse and say get the hell out of here.

    this gt-r only had a problem because of wheel hop. if there wasnt any wheel hop it wouldnt have broken because the owner does NOT abuse the transmission. he has done launchs over 100 times, i would say about 150 launchs or so. about 100 of those were in the range of 600hp.

    That just freaking shows you how good this transmission really is. taking launchs with 600hp for 100 launchs. the only thing that broke it was wheel hop. If you dont know what wheel hop is, look it up, cause it can happen to any car and will brake many differnt components depeneding on the car.

    this car has
    18�� Volk TE37s w/Mickey Thompson drag radials.
    HKS GT570
    Cobb Accessport Custom tune @ 19psi
    methanol injection system
    Amuse STTI Catback
    Harman Motive Intake

    his last record that day (which was earlier in the day) was [email protected] a record for the R35 sofar.

    i posted this here:

    New trans upgrades are in progress.
    PPG makes new gear sets as noted here: is making new turbos and gearboxs. is also making new gearbox and turbo upgrades. is making upgrades.
  14. Its a 600 hp drag car... like, cmon? What do people expect.
  15. Bound to happen i guess, theres always a limit
  16. wooden transmission
  17. Too much traction o_O
  18. gimmie a GT2
  19. Volvo V70
  20. 100+ launches with 600whp? Of course the transmission is going to break.

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