Guess the car, part 3

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by MooSquad, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. DAMN you Sebastian
  2. Hey Nortad, what is taking you so long ?
  3. Oh you want me to answer? That doesnt seem fair to the others :p

    1952 Alba 1500

    Im gonna choose something other than PDM (portuguese domestic market :D ) for the next one, otherwise its gonna be a just you and me

    So new one, I think its will be a little bit harder
  4. Yay, fado night is over, let me see...
  5. Damn, looks a bit like a Dacia-fronted Renault 12 that mated with an AMC Eagle, this is tough, brb, checking books and stuff
  6. OK, hints:

    - British

    - Follows a string of 1970´s concept cars, one of them a 6seater coupe

    - doesnt belong to any manufacturer (I mean, the types of Renault, VW, etcs...)

    I hope these are enough
  7. Since there isnt even anyone trying, Im gonna post a new one.

    There stationwagon is a Triplex 10 - 20 built for a brand of car paint by Chris Humberstone
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  10. Alfa Romeo
  11. Correct, 6c2300. Now you post

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