Guess the car

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  1. mercedes-benz by koenig-specials?

    no, not Koenig-specials.... mb by colani and lotec!
  2. MB 560 SEL by Colani and Lotec

  3. MB 560 SEL by Colani and Lotec


  4. Guess the car

  5. Yea, the Lotec Ambassador
  6. Hmm, celica?
  7. no
  8. 1970 GTR lol
  9. 1971 Nissan 2000 GTR KPCG110

  10. the car on my pic is soo much cooler than a Skyline GT-R...

    I will post the pic of the whole car tomorrow!

  11. An old Lancia Delta Rally car (or the back of a Lamborghini Diablo...)
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  13. is that custom/modified (if it is... not a fan)
  14. Should've used an older station wagon chassis / body, the front looks too off with the rest of the proportions / design cues. Interesting project, though.
  15. Yes, it's custom. I clicked on the link.
  16. someone post a new one.
  18. VW powered Kit car.

  19. Nissan GTR
  20. DeLorean after one too many timetravels...
  21. nope, Panda was close with his VW guess. It's based on another marque from the VAG family.

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