guess what i heard???

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  1. i heard that this car had a drag coefficant (weird word) of 0.26!!! im not sre if thats true, but thats @#%&ing awesome!

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    that wouldn't suprise me... after is was built to be aerodynamic. Great car for sure
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    Wouldn't suprise me either; It's one of the ABSOLUTE BEST cars ever built! I'd rather have one of these over 10 Shelby 427 Cobras (You probably think I'm nuts but there are only 6! They're faster and more powerful than the standard Cobra). Not only that, but 1011 Shelby Cobras were built........what kind of ratio are we talkin' about here?! 1 out of 168!
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    i kno a old car collector in nevada he has 1 of these and the 427 but he prefers the 427 he says it makes for a better ride the daytona is a harder ride but has better speed and acceleration it all depends on the driver if i was driving a real daytona coupe and a pro was driving a replica 427 hed whoop my ass
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    Woah... You are allowed to use punctuation, you know.
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    its the damn internet it aint skewl i dont got pause every damn sentance
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    wow..I'll bet that drag coefficient is even lower than the Dodge Charger Daytona and the Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird...this is hella beautiful and would be a total blast to drive around Daytona, Sebring, LeMans, Watkins Glen, or Sears Point Raceway (now known as Infineon Raceway)...hella sweet!!
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    shutup, youre a #$%#ing retard
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    what exactly makes him a "#$%#ing retard"?
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    Well, it depends on what 427 you are talking about whether the coupe is faster. People think a 427 is a 427. However, some of the later Cobra 427's had a Cobra Jet 428 substituted for the side-oiler 427.
    Now, if we're talking an original 427 S/C (say a 1965), it had 480 hp, and only weighed 2280 lbs. So the power to weight ratio on that machine was in GT40 Mk II and Mk IV territory.
    It wouldn't top out like a GT40, or a Daytona Coupe. But it was almost as quick as the big block GT40's, and probably a tick quicker than the coupe Cobra, which was a little heavier and had less power than the 427.

    The 427 S/C wasn't as rare as the Cobra Coupe or the big-block GT40's, but rare enough today to be very sought after.
    The cool part is though, that in it's day, the Cobra 427's were priced in the mid $6000 range, while the Cobra coupes and Ford GT's (if they would have sold you one then) all were well over $10,000).
    OTOH, Shelby has been charging at least $500,000 for his new and continuation 427's, Holman-Moody asks the same for his continuation Mk II's, while Shelby built an exact reproduction of a Daytona Coupe for a collector in the late 1990's, and only charged him $250,000, by comparison.

    Well, none of these beauties is cheap, guess it all depends upon what your own eyes worship the most.
    But, in the 1960's, when they were originally built, the 427 Cobra was probably the best "bargain". And, they looked "brutal".

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    we are all lucky that racing rules are so specific.
    If the companies didn't have to actualy sell the cars
    there wouldn't be any shelbies or GT40's.
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    OK, I have a question for you. What company made the Cobra 427, and in what country?
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    AC and Shelby both made the Cobra 427. It was inspired by AC's Ace. if you guys like this and the 427 Cobra, go to they sell Cobra, Cobra Daytona, and Super Seven replicas.
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    You do realize that an original one of these Daytona coupes can set you back about 6 million dollars. Thats if you could find somebody to sell you it for that price.
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    i saw something on tv taht said closer to 10 million.
  17. Continuation cobras base at around 70k (there abouts) and with engine and trans the most they will hit is a touch over 100k. now a real cobra can hit upwards of 500k.

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