guigiaro made the countach!

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  1. That is what I read at at least two different places. And I have seen pictures of other cars resembling the countach, also developed by Italdesign. Now the Diablo sure is made by Gandini. Or...? Any idea?<!-- Signature -->
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    No, I believe LAMBORGHINI created the Countach, not this odd guigiaro you are mentioning. I believe you should study more on car origins before you make an odd statement like the one above.
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    Giugiaro is not odd, he is a well known designer of many exotics. I believe he founded Italdesign, but he didn't design the Countach. The Bertone design studio did it, and Marcello Gandini was the specific designer assigned to it. He also modified it into the Countach S, designed this car, and designed the Diablo, which was modified by Chrysler. They owned Lamborghini at that time. They improved the aerodynamics, but this looks better. They say that this is what the Diablo would've looked like if Chrysler hadn't gotten their hands on it.<!-- Signature -->
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    dude, man, if it was not Guigiaro, then I have been worshipping the wrong person for so #$%#ing long. This cannot be true. What else did this Gandini guy make? Is he still working for Bertone?

    Dude, this is frustrating.<!-- Signature -->
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    Lamborghini made the Countach, and that is the end of it.<!-- Signature -->

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