Gullwing America P/904 Carrera

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    Retiring from Formula 1 after the end of the 1962 season, Porsche returned to road-racing a year later with the debut of the Porsche 904. This marked the beginning of a series of phenomenal Porsche racing cars that eventually led to the iconic 917. Only 106 street-legal units were built to meet homologation regulations, making the Porsche 904 one of the rarest vehicles to come from Stuttgart.

    Since then, multiple independent companies have recreated replicas and kit cars to pay homage to the original. Now, Gullwing-America has revealed its own efforts, showing off images of its very own retro P/904 Carrera.

    According to Gullwing-America, the prototype will be built upon the 2005 – 2011 Porsche Boxster platform, complete with modern hardware. The P/904 Carrera will be powered by the same 3.4-liter boxer engine producing 295-hp mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Power steering and ABS from the Boxster will also remain.

    Interior wise, the P/904 Carrera will be offered complete with all the necessary modern conveniences including air conditioning, as well as an instrument panel and center console with GPS navigation and iPod dock. Rather than carrying over the Boxster’s dashboard to fit into the new P/904 package, Gullwing-America put the effort to recreate a more period-correct interior to match the retro exterior. Unique seats and steering wheel are also installed.

    Finally, the exterior sports LED lights, a lowered ride height, classic 18-inch Fuch design 5-spoke wheels that fill each wheel well, as well as a retractable active rear spoiler.

    The conversion is estimated to cost 70,000 euros, not including the donor Porsche Boxster.

    These renders makes this look pretty hot.
  2. Ops I made this into a poll.
  3. looks like some stupid kit car

    I also voted
  5. Come to think of it, I don't think Gullwing America has an actual car out.
  7. The proportions look off, those wheels are way too big, that wing looks dumb not to mention it needs an air-cooled flat-6.

    Not a fan, I'll have a real 904.
  8. They better off stay put. Leave the 904 alone, that looks even worse thn the original car.
  9. I wouldn't mind it if it were based on the Cayman R platform and had smaller wheels
  10. nice picture tho
    did dahldrin
  11. Are you saying the original 904 was ugly?
  12. He's not much to look at, but boy oh boy does he know how to tell a story!
  13. i've never seen an italian admit a porsche was nice
  14. You could also buy a Kurek GT6 or GT7
  15. wish I had the cash
  16. very cool, but it would be even cooler with the PDK

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