Gumball 2007

Discussion in 'Events' started by Richard Owen, Feb 27, 2007.

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  2. Finishes in London too? Hmm
  3. Can't wait... I really love the Gumball 3000.
  4. Out of curriousity how much is it to run in it?
    And is there an official car list yet?
  5. I thought last year entrance and stuff was $5000
  6. I just found it on the gumball site its 28,000 pounds! WOW
  7. lame, they need to have it in the USA starting or ending in san francisco

    they also need to stop doing that dumb tv show and do a DVD again
  8. I heard 'several Veyrons' somewhere
  9. I had heard (key word is heard so take that with a grain of salt) as many as 7 veyrons!
  10. Holy F
  11. but yeah when you really look at it thats 8 nights of hotels, airfare to istanbull and the aircraft transport for the cars. plus booking all the clubs. That sounds about right... still alot but about right.
  12. It's not like the entrants are in dire need or anything <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  13. I think the last time Gumball was in San Francisco was in 2003.
  14. Probaly the best event for all supercar fans.
  15. You have to be invited wasn't it? And still pay haha
  16. last year was 60.000 Euros but then they were all over the world.
  17. Have you ever thought of doing it... serriously not just like a fleeting dream?
  18. gumball entrance?!?

    seriously im bummed they tamed it down this year. going around the world like they did was seious badassery. superexotics on jungle roads and shit.
  19. Way too expensive for me at the moment. Id love to do it though..

    But i first need a more special car and more liquidities.
  20. It's one of those doubtful things, but I'd like to participate once in my life.
  21. weren't they in moroca last year?

    this years gumball starts this week, ruiht?
  22. that was 2 years ago
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