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    Gumball 3000 HQ started to inform previous Gumballers about their plans for the 2008 Gumball rally. Although the crash on the Gumball 2007 made many people wonder if they should continue at all, the organisers are certain the 10th edition of the Gumball 3000 is a big reason for celebration. For now the route is said to go from San Francisco (United States) to Beijing (China). From San Francisco the teams will drive to Las Vegas. From Vegas all cars will be flown to Shanghai while all the Gumballers make a stop in North-Korea (as promised for the 2006 Gumball). After a short stay in North Korea the Gumballers will be reunited with their cars in Shanghai for the final drive to Beijing.

    Ignoring the usual pre-rally hyping in the announcement it leaves us with a couple facts for the Gumball 2008:
    # The Gumball 2008 entrance fee will be £ 60.000 (or € 90.000)
    # Very small chance the Gumball 2008 route will include Europe
    # The rally will take place in August 2008 instead of April/May 2008
    # The Gumball 2008 is promoted as the ‘Ultimate Rally‘
  2. why the bloody hell would they want to go to North Korea?
    The only place worth visiting is Pyongyang and even then most of them cant even afford a car.
  3. I would'nt want to be caught speeding in China.
  4. lol, come to Canada. Twisty roads in the forests, also winter stage to get rid of noob drivers.
  5. That I would love to see.
  6. cool. ill get to see the start again
  7. Also the "Hide from the Moose stage" Where driver would have to drive at night in a Fed reserve park where Moose can cross the highway and KILL people.
  8. Yeah!
  9. rofl
  10. I definitely wouldn't want to be speeding through North Korea.
  11. As cool as Gumball is, it's not worth $100,000...
  12. Peope still talk about Gumball? Lame

  13. Awesome, I was worried they wouldn't want to organize it.
  14. I sure wish I was independently wealthy.
  15. gumball is awesome
  16. It seems like garish showmanship with little to actually do with cars or racing. The kind of thing that would attract popped collar toolbags like P996Turbo or Burner.
  17. 121k at today's exchange rate
  18. I'll just have to sell my grandpa's house is all.
  19. i was never a race anyway.

    but yeh, it's just tossers in cars

    but the cars are pretty fantastic.
  20. I still can't understand why you'd enter a vintage Ferrari like that in the Gumball.
  21. For the fun maybe
  22. Passion.
  23. gumball is overrated.
  24. Gumball rally is a #$%#ing joke now.
  25. the owner of that also entered a 250 California Spider, Dino 246GT, and i think an Enzo or F40 or something

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