Gumball 3000

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  1. Starting in London May 25th I believe? Ending in Istanbul. Any body from the UK or elsewhere gonna be there? I'm hoping to catch them in Monaco, but they aren't having any public photo ops. So I guess I'll have to look up the hotel and just check out the cars in the parking lot.
  2. Registration is the 25th in London. The cars will depart London on the 26th. If you live in the area, take pictures for us!
  3. thought they cancelled it after the deadly accident
  4. Picture of the 77 and SV were in front of the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco. Got to see the cars roll in. It was unreal.
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    I read somewhere that Jon Olsson's Rebellion R1k Ultima GTR had some issues so he ended up driving his Skyline GTR instead. Shame, I was looking forward to more footage / images.

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  7. I'd love to go but £25k? are you for real?
  8. Ya not for the average person.
  9. What does that money even give you? Just an entry? Shmoozing with celebrities? I'd love to do it someday.

    The 24 Hours of Lemons should spin off a cross-country rally.
  10. ^^^ I like that idea. We need to get an scnet/ sbnet LeMons team. We can use wheelman's maurader
  11. we've toyed with this idea. we've also toyed with doing the mongolian rally in a smart car.
  12. I think an sbnet team would be difficult as I think the event requires more than 3 people in a team
  13. that could be problematic. but depending on where the race would be I'm sure we coud find some people.
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  16. How much is Gumball? £30k?! wow
  17. how much is gumball 3000? love the event, but probably / definitely out of my league!
  18. I'd participate
  19. It was fun!
  20. Im most likely going to try see them pass my hometown next month. The arrival has been on news here, story goes they might get a police escort from border to border...

    edit. When I win todays Lottery I will host a SCnet entrance to Nurburgring 24h... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. I went to watch the rally drive by local highway. Now I have seen an Avantador, apparently a F12, although I didnt recognise it at morning and a McLaren 12C.

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