Gun #%$s

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  1. what kind of gun is this?
  2. looks like the army
  3. de snelwegschutter
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  5. cerebal bore
  6. it's an AR-15. unsure of the manufacturer - they all look alike.
  7. Is H&K 416 which is basically M4 with some improvement maybe.
  8. Looks like a straight mag, so it's an ar-10.
  9. You don't see too many aimpoints and cowitnessing on AR10s, though that's preference I guess. Can't really get a good read on the mag because it's obscured.
  10. This is not a HK416.
  11. only person thats gunna catch this signing in
  12. um
    got it

    even tho he spell it wrong
  13. what? turok was popular as #$%#
  14. I loved that game so much
  15. with nerds maybe

    ive never known anyone else that [palyed it
  16. Lol turok was terrible and boring
  17. ah yes, this is it.

    thought they all used diemaco c7's, but they switched apparently.
  18. Thats the Dutch Army? Theyre rocking Apache helictopters? I never appreciated how bad ass those were until recently.
  19. wow this guy. turok was awesome and had dinosaurs. u wont be saying that when the cerberal bore drills through your skull. go put a shirt on you hippy
  20. yes
  21. turok had the best blood of every game ever.

    big fat blobs of blood.
  22. a gun you will never own.
  23. im too comfortable with the size of me penis
  24. man i used to play turok as well
  25. sick, i wanna take pictars there too

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