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  1. Victim mentality 101: think where you live is so safe, that gun violence thing can never happen to you.
  2. full opened frontiers first, mosquees in second and police who isn't making round ups and searches in ceilars of shitty building that are located in ghetto zones
  3. I'm not following
  4. Pretty sure that the guns would still not be legal... and here a criminal record isn't considered a bonus when applying for a firearms permit. Maybe it's different in France!

  5. It used to be around 10% but nowadays it's more like 90% of your posts that make me want to come over dressed a glittering shirt with a giant EURO-TRASH print and skinny jeans and have a tectonic party on your lawn with a #$%#ing RERful of kankerslets. Also featuring a diesel VW that has been converted to a bong and Opperjumper.

    Dunno why.

  6. I miss my AK 5

    /mandatory CMG gun thread post
  7. not sure that's a very good analogy. legislation on roads, car manufacturing, driver training all aid in keeping deaths on the roads of finland to be relatively low, especially by world standards. 2 children dying in accident isn't great but its better than it happening to 20 children/families a day.

    if the same attitude was applied to firearms in america, maybe a couple schools getting shot up every 5-10 years could be tolerated more than it happening week in week out. by doing nothing its only caused the issue to exacerbate.

    that being said this has spiraled that far out of everyones control (thanks nra) good luck with trying to fix it.
  8. Could it be because I've changed, and you haven't?
  9. No, that's not what I mean. Perhaps, rather than stoop to prohibition or restriction - which has worked FABULOUSLY with alcohol and drugs - we should try investing more than token amounts of time and money to mental health treatment and screening. If nothing else, it could help reduce the grim suicide and self-harm statistics in this country.

    I have no idea what this dude's deal was - maybe he wasn't mentally ill in any treatable or detectable way. Maybe he was just an asshole. Maybe motivated assholes will always be able to get their hands on things that can kill people remarkably efficiently. Given that, maybe inconveniencing everyone else who wants to use those things isn't an effective use of our time, money, and resources.

  10. Neither is a criminal record considered as a bonus in France,when you have a gun permit you are forced to go to the gun club at least one time in the month otherwise your gun is confiscated. Black market for firearms exists through darknet,I don't think that the law enforcement people (police, counter intelligence agencies and military) have a whole overview or control on the darknet.
  11. Comparing guns to drugs and alcohol is an interesting point. Never thought of it like that. Where all of us arguers come from, nobody thinks guns are good/fun and so it's socially unacceptable.

    But that means you're screwed.
  12. Yes.

  13. I'm saying the prey always neglects the presence of the predator.
  14. Eh it's all about the government and their values.

    If Finland was some sort of green party dictatorship, I'm quite sure that cars would be banned if anyone died of traffic-related causes.

    Some people in murikaland are so in love with guns that they would not give theirs up if a hundred million Americans died.

    Concept of relative risk still stands and my analogy remains valid.
  15. I don't understand. Who is screwed and why?

    People come from different cultural backgrounds. Too many of those who support restrictions on firearms have a strong irrational fear of firearms. "All guns are evil by default, etc.". I think that policies to restrict firearm ownership are reasonable to a certain point in different circumstances. I however disagree with a large amount of anti-gun arguments (as well as pro-gun).

    This is a quote from Herman Kahn. It was in a book about nukes and some Western European leftists opposing them. Similar naïve, simplistic and idealistic attitudes exist among people who oppose firearms:

    "...most of the members are fairly young, postwar children of affluence. They have no experience with economic hardship or hostile geopolitical realities. Their personal satisfaction does not derive from material progress (they are all overprivileged), but from participation in "meaningful" social causes. In some ways they are the most protected, naive and illusion-prone young people in the West today"
  16. A huge amount of drug/alcohol abuse problems and violence stems from mental issues, yes. And in many cases paying attention to the latter yields better results than simply strictening legislation.

    I would argue that there is still need for some restriction. If heroin was widely available for a cheap price in grocery stores, there would be so many heroin-related problems, even if everyone had access to a good psychiatrist.

    Fact: motivated assholes will always be able to get their hands on things that can kill people.

    Also a fact: often motivated assholes manage to kill more people using firearms than some alternative method. And the deadlier the firearm, more people will be killed. Not only firearms are regulated but also sales of chemicals to make explosives/chemical weapons, for example.

    Moar fact: Illegal weapons can be purchased. Also, almost every illegal firearm has at some point been a legal firearm. Guns are stolen, smuggled and otherwise niggered every day. If you restric the supply of legal weapons, you also restrict the supply of illegal ones. Take China for example. It's a society where guns are 100% exclusively restricted to law enforcement and military personnel. Whenever mass violence breaks out, motivated assholes use knives, etc. Never a firearm.

    Not a fact, just a hunch: Some percent of motivated assholes might just be deterred from going trough with their motivated asshole plans if they couldn't come up with a means of killing enough people without making too big an effort.

    I'm not saying that you should or should not restrict sales of firearms. I'm not qualified to do that. And Oregon is far away, some school shooting doesn't affect my life any more than a bake sale in Delhi.

    But for once would like to hear from an NRA spokesperson that "x people got killed. We think it's an acceptable figure. Us having fun shooting at things is more important" instead of the worst pathos anywhere ever one usually hears. It's beyond my comprehension how anyone can attain such bad levels of mouth-and-brain diarrhea, yet it seems to fully make sense to some. Go figure.
  17. In what way am I screwed?
  18. Alcohol and drugs arent there to kill someone, guns only serve one purpose. Ridicilous comparison.
  19. Ey w00t, ever heard of target shooting?

    And guess which kills more people in murikaland, gun-related violence or substance abuse?

  20. Not you personally, just America. I sort of means you're stuck with your high gun-related crime rate.
  21. sure drugs kill people, but they don't serve that purpose, it's just because people can't handle them safely. guns only serve one purpose and that is to kill. wether it's a deer or a person, it's all about the kill.

    and yes target shooting sure, i'm not for a ban for all guns. you should still be able to hunt and target practice, but under strict laws. most guns should be banned though. who needs a minigun/assault rifle/rpg/flamethrower?
  22. have you ever fired a minigun/assault rifle/rpg/flamethrower? because those are good times at a target range
  23. Ive only fired an ak47 and m16 so far. And sure they are probably fun.
  24. Yes, firearms were invented to kill people/animals more efficiently. As were all the other weapons. By your logic archery and fencing should be banned too.

    "sure drugs kill people, but they don't serve that purpose, it's just because people can't handle them safely". If guns were handled according to the law and in a safe manner, nobody would die.

    I can't come up with any reason why an individual would need a gatling gun, etc. I also can't come up with a reason why anyone would need alcohol.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not debating for a more lenient gun legislation anywhere, I just think your logic is faulty.
  25. yeah i completely misread your post. we're on the same page.

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