1. not really cuz its going to be a complete sell out and make a alot of cash for ferrari
  2. Yep, sellouts indeed.
  3. What's next, Porsche making a GT3 RS Cabriolet? Yeah, that will never happen, because they have dignity.
  4. i bet 20k it does
  5. What are you talking about, dude?! Dignity?!?!
    Porsche has more variants for 911 than Ferrari has for any of their models, so guess who's lacking dignity....
  6. GT3 RS cabriolet.
  7. the Masaratti MC12 is a convertable and IMO its one of the most beautiful beastly creations on the road... Aswell as the CLK GTR even though only like 2 were made. Then we have Konigsegg CCX and R which are also drop tops and if you say they have no dignity you're smoking crack... Drop top=\= loss of dignity.
  8. Purpose built removable tops are fine by me, those cars were engineered to be that way. BUT, the 430 Scud is NOT meant to have its top removed and it's performance will be sacrificed because of that. It's a stupid gimmick that Lambo management would think of, not Ferrari, until now...
  9. Yeah, Its 0-60 time is 2 tenths slower and its topspeed is 3km/h slower... That's a HUGE sacrifice. They didn't have just performance in mind when they built this. Some people want to look good and go fast... It looks good, and it's faster then the 430 drop top. But idk, you're entitled to your own opinion. If some one handed you a Scuderia spyder and asked you to drvie it top down, I highly doubt think you'd really be calling Ferrari stupid.
  10. Shut up.
  11. I think you're missing the point of a lightweight supercar, and that is to not make it HEAVIER. Which a convertible does.
  12. Oh no! a ferrari that isn't built 100% for every last millisecond!

    #$%#ing elitist pricks. Its not a racing car, its a street car. If someone wants a faster version of the 430 spyder let them have one. you guys are such children.
  13. No I understand the point of a lightweight Supercar. And if someone wanted a car solely for performance then just get the regular Scuderia, but this wasn't made STRICTLY to run hot laps around the rink or anything. Its just more beautiful and faster than the F430 drop top. It makes perfect sense... There are some rich ferrari lovers out there that want the newest fastest version of any model available. This just so happens to be the quickest Drop top F430 thats in production... So thats what people are going to want. And its exclusive which just makes it more of a catch.
  14. never mind
  15. Yeah, it's not a racing car. That's the problem.
  16. It looks great but would'nt have 1 cos I live in Ireland where it rains all the time!
  17. this car is so AWESOME!! U guys who hate it are retarded.
  18. One road test I read (by someone who's actually driven the car) actually concluded that this is the Scuderia to have simply because you can appreciate the sound of the engine so much better without the top. Yeah I'd rather have the hard top, but there's nothing wrong with this existing too. Besides, it's not like the F430 wasn't originally engineered to be a spider anyway.
  19. /thread
  20. it might be slower ane more expensive but at least it removes the barrier btwn your ears ane engine noise

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