Haha, so much for the E55 beating the M5

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    Just need u to know something, if you have the power, you don't have to show it because people will acutally see it, but for those Mercedes Benz fread right here, talk sh*t all you want here coz ain't no body gonna listen to you, and you can't prove or do sh*t here because you are just bunch of kids that trying to say Benz will kick BMW ass because they are Luxary and fast, Prove it #%$ instead of saying it. I don't see Sh*T of how Benz are kicking BMW a$$ right now. all i know is that the M3 has kick the CLK a$$ from 2000 until Today.
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    <b>All I have to say is, Long Live AMG vs. M. Without these kind of rivalries(almost all of the supercars in these pages have them) you'd be stuck with an E230 or a 518ti. So If you like BMW more than Mercedes, or vice versa, you should be happy to see "your" competition gain more prowess, because "your" favorite will have to keep up.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    suck big juicy chevy cock ford.... ure just the bull crap that chevy threw out. what the hell is a mercades even compared to a bmw??? just one bmw cuz beat all the lineup of mercaddes and dont tell me otherwise cuz i seen theyre crap and damn its ugly and powerless for god sakes a v8 with almost no more power than a bmw V6 mind you!!
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    well buddy, your sure a fountain of knowledge.

    BMW don't make a V6, they make an inline 6. Quite possibly the best 6 in the world. However, the simply fact of the matter is Mercedes moves more cars. They out sell BMW in worldwide sales by a few hundred thousand. This was before the arrival of the new 7 series, this could actually increase throughout this financial year.

    Secondly, considering you like GM. Don't forget your beloved ZO6 makes what 30 more kw out of another 200cc and its corvettes top production sport coupe. This isn't. The SL55 is.

    Thirdly, it is stupid to simply compare models that are compleated by inhouse tuners without taking into account the series and platform they are based on. BMW actually doesn't have a car in the same class as this, the 3 series BMWs have always competed with the C class. This would compeate with the XK Jaguar series and other luxury GT coupes.

    And finally the new E class has been confirmed with the SL55 engine, and there has been a lot of speculation about a 6 speed manual, something which is usually unheard of upon the new release of mercedes cars which adds a lot of weight behind this finding its way into the new model. The main critisims of the current AMG E have been the auto box being used around the track, AMG will most likely rectify this and option a 6 speed for arguements sake.

    There has also been talk about a V10 in the new 5 series, but until i see something definante im skeptial. Simply because a V10 is going to be costly to maintain and there aren't many on the market. It would be cheaper considering the 3 series has already been released with the 6 cyl for BMW to keep the V8 and simply increase the displacement. Its a great engine, and only a few years old. It wouldn't be hard to do what the M engineers have done with the current E46 M3 and just take the existing engine and build upon it from there.

    But considering the way BMWs design department has been going of late, it might be a necessity to shove a V10 in the next M5 just to move cars, the new 7 looks crap.

    Someone mentioned the new mercs look alike, thats true. But the current crop of BMWs look alike too. If you don't look properly it can be hard to pick a current 3 from the 5. The same problem happened with the E36 3 series, they also looked a lot like the E39 5 series. So it does go both ways.
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    <b>Good job Mercedes, when for once in your life you had the opportunity to get ahead of BMW you did exactly the opposite. The engine in the CLK55 will be used in the E55 as well. The sedan will weigh more than this thing and therefore the performance will decrease even more. The M5 will still leave the new E55 kissing it's ass. I guess BMW is and always will be ahead of the game when it comes to agressiveness and performance. Bye bye POS Mercedes. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> thats so true man<!-- Signature -->
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    hey man, dont you read? the new E55 will use the supercharged engine from the SL55! so whats this about the same engine in the new E55?

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