Hai Guyz

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RIDDIK, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Haven't been around for awhile. Anything new going on?
  2. Hello.

    We got owners.
  3. Really? When'd this happen?
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  5. Like, in the last week.

    We've been dying on our feet for a while. No new members for years etc etc.

    Rich has sold the site though, and the new guy is saying the forum is going to be revamped and improved, and hopefully we'll get some traffic again.
  6. This is also news to me
  7. why you posting on both accounts, man?
  8. I don't remember my password so my phone is always logged in as numbers_
  9. Keep it down, FNG.
  10. Hi again. You're just in time to see the switch to Supercars v.4 so choose a gif for your avatar
  11. nothing special, just the same old things
  12. I actually thought about buying the site as a gag depending on the price ...

    I would be super curious to know how much it went for
  13. 30 shillings

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