Hai, pick your 2 fav Ferraris out of these

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by MooSquad, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Yep. the F50 doesn't appeal to me at all.
  2. S40

  3. 288 GTO & Enzo
  5. Picture related.
  7. F40 & F50
    best of the best, no doubt...
    i don't like enzo that much...
  8. F40 & Enzo
  9. F50 & Enzo
  10. 288 GTO and F40, the two most powerful V8 Ferraris ever, the last of their kind
  11. F40 + F50

    the driveing position in the 288 GTO isn't that friendly and I really, really, really hate the Enzo.
  12. F40 & F50
    F40 for the looks, and F50 for the sound and driving experience.
  14. I love them all to look at, but if the cards were down and I was using my own money it'd be F50 & Enzo, so that's what I chose. Love the F50 in particular.
  15. F50 & Enzo
  17. Yeah. It's like, not as raw as the F40, and not as fast as the Enzo. It's a mix of the two, but why would you want that mix if you could have both?

    And then there's the 288 which sort of sits on it's own out of this lot.
  18. very cool
  19. F40 and F50
  20. I refuse to chuse.
  21. Voted 288 & F50.

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