Half-Life 2....

Discussion in 'imprezawrx14's Website Forum' started by SupraMan, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. .....is better than you!
  2. Its true, its awesome. Right now I just entered the prison.
  3. completed, hoorah!
  4. This place is dead.
  5. holy #$%# this thread is old
  6. it is oct 8 2013 nearly 9 years after this game came out

    this post is for histories records
  7. It is March 1st 2016.

    This thread is now over 11 years old.
  8. It is now January 16th 2019

    Thread is now over 14 years old (about the age I was when I joined this website)

    And STILL no Half-Life 3
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