Halloween is a big waste of food...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. and anyone who thinks its fücking stupid to "waste pumpkins/christmas trees" is equally a fool.

    most of the families i knew growing up used the pumpkin contents for something, whether the seeds or the pulp, to make food. the fact of the matter is that local farms grew the pumpkins simply for halloween use (largely), and it's really not a waste either way.

    as for christmas trees, good lord... i cant believe you even brought those up... people get christmas trees from TREE FARMS. maybe in the wild and untamed world of Canada they still take apart virgin forest, but here in the east coast, there are countless tree farms up in the mountains and out in the countryside. if you're looking hard enough on the highway, chances are you'll see one semi-frequently. now how is THAT a waste, when we're using this resource intelligently and positively for the economy?

    friggin scrooge...
  2. Free farm trees are baby trees.
  3. Tree farm trees are baby trees.
  4. Everyone should grow up to be like me. There'd never be traffic jams, no one would be fat, and there'd be no stupid shit on TV/radio.
  5. There's nothing intelligent or positive about it. Idiots buy shit for the sole purpose of nothing, and then throw it away. I'm just saying it's a stupid way to use pumpkins and trees. There's better things that could be done with them. The fact that they're deliberately farmed gives them a valid place market place, but it doesn't change the fact that it's still just plain stupid.

    Shut up and conform.

  6. stop being lame. jack-o-lanterns were always fun as hell when i was a kid, and my dad did real elaborate ones, not to mention a few "totem poles" of stacked carved pumpkins a few times. it was great and the trick-or-treaters liked it. -THAT's the important part.

    christmas trees always make the house look/smell nice, adds a very nice tone to the house, and all decorated and lit up, always gives me that feeling i enjoy, being christmas. not to mention as a kid it was plenty fun to decorate the tree.

    none of these traditions are stupid, it's just probably that you didnt think them up to begin with, which is why you dont like them. if you want to do away with traditions that dont meet up to your standards, go live in soviet russia. there they only allow jack-o-lanterns made out of beets and turnips, and christmas trees are stunted by radiation.
  7. I am gonna stick a christmas tree up wheelmans arse.
  8. Fun is overrated. Kids don't need excessive fun. Kids need discipline and hard work. They can have fun once all the chores are done, but not too much fun, because then they'll get the idea that life is a #$%#ing cakewalk. Which it is not. Too much fun and nonsense makes kids stupid and soft, and then they grow up to become fat retarded bastards who are better off dead anyway, ex: 60% of the North American population.

  9. Haha.
  10. grizzly bear made carpets make the house look nice, adds a very nice touch to any living room.... let's kill some bears.

  11. seriously.
  12. Tigers are even better.
  13. white ones
  14. puppy ones
  15. 25 says:
    panda's gonna be like moe the bartender...
    25 says:
    "gin...and...tonic??? Do they mix???"
    1081009313391157 says:
    1081009313391157 says:
  16. WHO'S 25?!

    Mix this:

    2.0 oz Cream whipping
    0.5 oz Creme de Cacao white
    0.5 oz Creme de Menthe
    0.5 cup Ice crushed

    That's a Grasshopper for you.
  17. i'm 25, and Moo is 1081009313391157

    that sounds nasty....anything with Creme de Menthe in it has to be disgusting.
  18. You gotta be kidding... CREME DE MENTE ROCKS!
  19. hoooorrriiiibbbbbllllleeeeeee
  20. OMG...
  21. Wheelman is a big waste of life.
  22. Oh just shut the fu*k up. Who cares? 1st....they are just pumpkins...and thats all most people use them for anyway. 2nd...ITS CHRISTMAS! Who cares? What else are Pine trees being used for? There is no shortage of softwood. If they were was...then christmas trees would be expensive. Let people do whatever the fu*k they want. If they gave a sh*t about that opinion...pumpkins and christmas trees wouldnt be very sucessful. Have you ever tried to go and get a real tree the night before christmas? The only reasion pumpkins are easy to get is because THERE ARE MILLIONS! Seriosly...its all just for fun. Its basically like saying F1 is a waste of gas. So now we cant do anything for fun anymore because there are poor people?
  23. You're an idiot. Read more carefully. I said I don't think we should be doing anything for the poor people, you stupid dumbass.

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