Halo 2 Question

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 4WD, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. CAn you turn on bots when you play muiltiplayer?
  2. I don't know because I dont play shitty ass pussy games.
  3. You're a #$%#ing crack. It was just a mere question and you're going to be a #$%#ing crack about it?

    I have more games then just halo you #$%#ing shit
  4. I'm sorry I like turning questions into debates.
  5. buy Half Life 2 and throw Halo 2 away. Halo 2 has lived its 2 seconds/weeks of glory
  6. If its for PC screw it. I dont play games on the computer but RTS. Other then that I'm picking up MGS 3 befor i get HL 2
  7. I haven't heard of doing this.
  8. That's like, a sin.
  9. you can't, unfortunately... it would be so much better if you could though.
  10. i bought a copy of half life 2 then threw it in the toilet and shit on it
  11. I like this man.

    Anyways thats lame that you cant turn on the bots to fight them to gain some exp..........shit
  12. you have never played half life 2
  13. are't you the same dumbass 16 year old that said he was going to kick my ass?
  14. Oh wow, you're funny.
  15. at least valve got your money so they can make hl3
  16. no they didnt make bots.

    you should get live. its awesome.
  17. live is 10/month

    its just Valve's steam with less features and a subscription fee.
  18. $8.95AU

    its $100 per year, or $50 a year in the USA.

    they do charge for it, but im very happy with the service i get.
  19. can't wait to get it.
  20. Half Life Own's all other games.
    Kill Zone Demo is better than Halo
  21. hee hee hee!!!!!
  22. Its so much fun, it feels really real when you play it.

    Single player is more fun than halo's SPM.
    Multiplayer i dont know.
  23. apart from the crappy AI...........

    killzone got constant 60-70% ratings from pretty much every magazine/game site. its not a great game.
  24. Fact half of them were not the finished game.
    And the AI is actually quite good, people dont go on about GT4 proluge because its not finished. Ambiance kicks ass, guns kick halo's.

    Its also alot harder than Halo.
    Fun factor is huge And with multiplayer four characters should make it really diverse.
  25. you quite obviously havent played halo 2 on legendary.

    fact: all of them were the review code meaning it was the finished game. why would guerilla give reviewers a code that was not finished and full of bugs?

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