Halo 2 sucks

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fluchtwagen, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Its just halo 1 with gta vehicles and 2 weapons. I'd know since i downloaded the leak. Its weak.
  2. You didn't like DOOM 3 either did you ?
  3. 90% of this post is based on actual facts.
  4. doom was awesome
  5. I liked doom 3, i was the first to beat it on these boards.

    It wasn't as bad as people are saying, its still better than 99% of the games out, just not the best, HL2 will be.
  6. shut the #$%# up. you're not allowed to speak anymore. but yes, halo is not that good.
  7. hmm, I played Halo 2 at my friends house. That leak is a beta by the way. The default.xbe was never signed. Halo 2 is alot better than Halo. I mean most sequels are just the prior game but new weapons and better graphics. Take it or leave it, I liked it.
  8. halo 1 sucked, it was only huge because its one of the few fun multiplayer games on the xbox. if it had been primarily a pc game, everyone would have been like "meeehhh" when it came out, because the single player is boring and repetative, and the weapons absolutely blow dick. halo is the most overrated game in recent memory. if the pistol didnt have a zoom on it, there would be no point in playing the game at all.
  9. This is true.
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    man your gay, Halo was rated one of the best games ever made go to www.gamerankings.com, check out the rankings. its top 10.
  11. He is the biggest Half Life fanboy ever.
  12. Half Life 2 sucks. It’s nothing but GTA: VC with a 1st person view and crappy music.
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    halo is not as good as people make it out to be
  14. That's true, but it's still the best FPS out for any console despite being rushed.
  15. i like golden eye on the n64 better
  16. Definately. Playing Halo pissed me right the hell off. 007, however was awesome.
  17. Half Life Blue Shift was just Half-Life with more bugs, a non-functional flashlight, and features that it claimed to have, but did not have, and a very weak story (Since it was the same damn one!) and even worse gameplay. I'd know since I paid for it. High definition pack my ass.
  18. Halo was pretty cool.

    Doom3 sucked.

    Half-Life 2 will be the best game ever.

    Don't agree with me? Too bad, because the rest of the world does.

  19. why bother with that crap when i rather have Gran Turismo 4 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  20. Because you're an idiot.
  21. #$%# you
  22. Halo was great for multiplayer over xbconnect or gamespy, I thought the single player was pretty repetitive and boring though...
  23. I'll kill you. Im crazy like that.
  24. okey....whatever

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