Halp with recognizing these tenks/plaens

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  1. 27. Socially awkward crocodile chopper
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  2. 30. which is 28 from a different (more helpful?) angle
  3. 31. Which is 29 from a different (more helpful?) angle
  4. 34. for the bomb experts
  5. And another view from the open hangar exposition. All pics taken with my old Sony Xperia X10i in 2011, all unedited.
  6. Looks like a Douglas DC3, but I don't know enough to say for sure. It would make sense if it isn't, since Douglas is American
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  7. With the Lend/Lease program and confiscated trophies, everything is possible, so it could be
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  8. Found it! Licensed DC-3 indeed (Lisunov)
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    1.su-25 froggfoot
    27. Mil mi-24 hind
    32. Appears to be one of the flanker models. Su-27 or one of the variations.
    37. Could be an su-21 or su-17.

    18. 19. 20. Look like meserschmidts.

    Many of the early migs and sukhois look very very similar. And I am faaaar from being knowledgable on Russian hardware
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  10. Yay! It's the only one I have any idea on in this thread, but I'm glad I got it (somewhat) right
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  11. 32 is a MiG-29S
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  12. 1. Frogfut

    2. T-18 Glorious tenk

    3-9. Dunno man some old cars

    8. Boaty Mc Boatface


    11.T-26 m1931

    12.Hawker Hurricane mk1

    13. Il-2 cyka blyat rush B kill tenk

    14.P-39 Airacobra. One of those variants with the huge 37mm cannon

    15-16. Polikarpov I-16, ugly POS

    17. Not sure about this one... best guess is a Tupolev SB variant

    18. LaGG-3
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  13. 23. Sukhoi Su-2
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    22. Some weird cockpit variant of Ki-43 Hayabusa

    37. Early Su-15 Flagon

    34. FAB-1500 M-54 high drag bomb

    35. Su-17
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  15. You are correct sir.
    All those Russian planes look alie
  16. Index updated with wiki links, thanks so much for all of this so far, this is awesome :D

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